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Windows 7 SP1 Released: Should You Update?

Posted by: , 15:51 AEDT, Wed February 23, 2011

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Windows 7's first service pack is now available, but should you update right away? Read this article to find out what's new in SP1

Windows 7 SP1 should be officially available by the time you read this, and as with any "SP1" release, it's usually a time when Microsoft's latest operating system finally irons out all the annoying bugs that were present in the release version, as well as perhaps adding a few new features too.

But with Windows 7 largely free from really annoying bugs, is there anything in the SP1 update that requires an urgent update.

The most notable changes in SP1 appears to be the following, which seems rather underwhelming:

  • HDMI audio output bug fix (stops working after restart)
  • Fix for printing mixed orientation XPS documents
  • "Restore previous folders at logon" functionality changed

And there does not seem to be any new features either. As usual, the service pack update includes all previous fixes and improvements, which most people should already have if they've been updating Windows regularly (as recommended).

Despite the lack of changes, the SP1 update comes in at a hefty 537MB for x86 users, and 903MB for x64 users.

And so the question remains, should you update? As with any update, it is always better to wait a few days, or a week, just to see if the update causes any problems for other users (ie. let them be the guinea pigs!). And since this update does not seem to actually add any new features, there really isn't a compelling reasons to upgrade immediately, unless you are affected by one of the listed bug fixes, it's better to wait a short while. Just in case.

Have you updated to SP1, and have you noticed any differences or problems? Post any issues you find in our comments section, or in this forum thread:


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