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PS3 Jailbreak Users Being Banned On PSN

Posted by: , 11:49 AEDT, Fri February 18, 2011

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Sony has started banning PSN user accounts for those that have modified their PS3s with hacked firmware

Sony has started banning users who have jailbroken their PS3. Users are being given a lifetime ban on the PlayStation Network if their PS3s have been detected to be using unofficial firmware.

Sony just a few days ago released a statement on the PS3 hacking issue, warning all those that are using hacked PS3 firmware to cease immediately, or face drastic actions.

Those users with hacked PS3s were also warned via email to restore their PS3 to official status, and those that did not heed the warning are subsequently finding their PS3s banned from the PSN. These users then face the dreaded "8002a227" error when trying to log into PSN, although it appears most other functions are still unaffected.

Sony's rival, Microsoft, has had a long history of banning users who hack their Xbox 360 consoles, with actions taken ranging from a console ban to Xbox Live (Microsoft's equivalent of the PSN) account bans.

Do you support Sony's banning action as a way to protect their business, or do you think it goes too far in attacking many who simply wants to run homebrew or Linux on the PS3? Post your opinion in our comments section, or in this forum thread:


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