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PlayStation Move Should Be Opened For PC Hacking, Says Creator

Posted by: , 14:35 AEDT, Fri February 11, 2011

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The PlayStation Move's creator wants the motion control system to be hacked in the same way as Kinect, on the PC

The man behind the PlayStation move motion controller is envious of the way the Xbox 360 Kinect platform has been "opened" for use on the PC, and wants the same thing to happen for the Move controller.

Sony's Dr. Richard Marks says he would welcome the same type of enthusiast created apps that flooded in after Kinect was "hacked" for use on the PC. And in fact, he wants to open up the Move in more ways that what Microsoft has so far allowed.

However, Dr. Marks' opinion does not necessarily reflect Sony's opinion on the matter, and Sony has traditionally tried to keep their systems closed whenever possible.

While the PlayStation Eye has been partially hacked, in that the raw data the camera receives has been made available, Marks wants users to have even more access.

"We would like to go beyond that so you can have the full Move experience available for people so they can get as good data as the game can have," he said. Giving the end user complete access to the stream of data coming from the Move's gyros and accelerometers, and access to the programs the Eye uses to turn that data into 3D controls, would give PC tinkerers a powerful new toy," Marks explained.

But Marks warned that the PlayStation move is still very much a PS3 product, that "it doesn't make sense as a product for PC", and so it's very much about letting researchers and hobbyist programmers have fun with the device on the PC, as opposed to an actual interface for PC usage. "It's just not the right kind of form factor to sit in front of the PC with this sized device," Marks added. 

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