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3D TV, Movies A Pain In The Eyes, For Some

Posted by: , 13:16 AEDT, Tue January 25, 2011
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Do you suffer from nausea, eye strain, after watching a 3D presentation? It seems you're not alone

One in four people could have trouble watching their brand new 3D TVs due to eye strain, queasiness or just the fact that they can't perceive the 3D effects, according to optometrists.

The results are based on an online, unscientific survey, in which 25% of Americans surveyed had problems enjoying 3D TV and movie presentations.

The eye strain problem occurs because when our eyes perceive a real object coming at us, our eyes refocus to ensure clarity. But with 3D presentations, while our brain is tricked into thinking something is coming at us, in reality, the screen is at a fixed position and so our eyes has to constantly readjust to fight its natural tendencies towards focusing on a closer object.

Also, people who tend to get car sickness easily will also find 3D presentations hard to stomach.

But even 3D without glasses are not immune from these effects. Recently, Nintendo warned that children under 6 should not play their upcoming glass-less 3DS portable 3D console, as it might impair vision development.

While future 3D tech, like holographic displays, will aim to solve a lot of these problems, researchers have a far easier solution: don't watch 3D. Save your money and find 2D presentations of movies at cinemas, or if you can't, tape shut one of your eyes to turn 3D into 2D!

Do you have trouble watching 3D content? If so, post your experiences in our comments section below, or in our forum:


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