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Nintendo 3DS Already Hacked?

Posted by: , 18:13 AEDT, Mon January 17, 2011
Tags: 3D, Gaming

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Rumours abound on the Internet that the yet unreleased Nintendo 3DS has already been hacked to play pirated ROMs

Rumours are circulating on the Internet that enterprising hackers have already found a way around Nintendo's new and improved anti-piracy system for the 3DS, weeks before the portable 3D console is even released! 

Apparently, a unit of the new console was "appropriated" from the Chinese factory in which it is being made right now, and hackers took the console apart, examined it, and found a weakness in the security system, and managed to get pirated ROMs to run.

At least that's if you believe the rumour.

Many others are skeptical (surely, a video of the hack would have been uploaded to YouTube by now), and Nintendo will not doubt be very vigilant in terms of firmware updates to either disabled hacked consoles, or prevent ROMs from running.

The battle between Nintendo, and pirates, if it hasn't already begun, will surely begin soon enough!

Follow the battle here in our forum (where updates to this story will be posted):


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