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Microsoft: Kinect Coming to PCs, Just Not Yet

Posted by: , 14:48 AEDT, Mon January 10, 2011

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Steve Ballmer hints at official Kinect support for PCs

Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer say Kinect will come to Windows, but failed to provide a specific timeline for the release of official drivers.

Unofficial drivers are already available, allowing enthusiasts to create their own Kinect apps for the PC.

Potential apps include the ability to control Windows Media Center using hand gestures and voice control, much like how it is already possible to do this within the Xbox 360 interface. In fact, the entire Windows 7 interface could be controlled, Minority Report style, via PC Kinect setup. PC games could also benefit, although less so than consoles due to the fact that PC games are normally played in smaller spaces, closer to the monitor (Kinect needs a lot of space to detect lower body movements in particular).

The Kinect device can also be used as a standard web camera and built-in microphone.

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