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PSP Gets Price Cut just Before Holidays

Posted by: , 11:05 AEDT, Wed October 27, 2010
Tags: Gaming, PSP

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Sony has decided to knock $50 off the new PSP Go just in time for the holiday shopping season lowering the final price to only $199

The PSP Go has had a rough start in life so Sony has decided to mark down the PSP Go's price from $249 to $199 in hopes to boost sales of the portable gaming console.

The new smaller PSP GO has gone all digital, only playing games that are purchased digitally thus eliminating the need for the UMD drive and making your current library of games useless.

Sony won't reveal the exact sales numbers for the Go, but the device is widely believed to be just a plain old disappointment and not worth your money.

If you are interested, I would still hold off for a little bit longer as I see this portable console getting another deep price cut in the near feature.


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