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First Portable Blu-ray Player by Samsung

Posted by: , 10:21 AEST, Thu August 12, 2010

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The BD-c8000 is the first certified portable Blu-ray player that outputs only 2D content on its screen

The $499 BD-C8000 is the first portable Blu-ray player that can handle the new 3D discs but the devices screen can't actually display 3D.

It has a 2D 10.3-inch screen, WiFi, 1GB of memory, HDMI 1.4 slot and a 3 hour battery.  The device can connect to a larger 3D ready display via the HDMI cable to display 3D images. 

 The need for such a device doesn't make much sense to me but kudos to Samsung for being the first.

Pick yours up today for only $500.



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