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OnLive to Launch with 23 Games

Posted by: , 11:55 AEST, Wed June 16, 2010
Tags: Gaming

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OnLive announced that its streaming online gaming service will launch on June 17th along with twenty three different games for both the MAC and PC

The OnLive gaming service will give both Mac and PC gamers access to twenty three different games in their browser, with popular titles such as Asassin’s Creed II, Dragon Age: Origins, and Just Cause 2.

The OnLive experience is unlike anything that has existed before. Just click on a hot new game and typically within a few seconds the game is playing.

You will be able to start a new game or even pick up where you left off, even if you’ve changed locations or are using a different computer.  There are no discs, no downloads, no patches or updates, and no high performance computer needed.

The OnLive gaming service will have a limited-time offer of a FREE 1st-year OnLive membership, with an optional 2nd year at $4.95/month, month-to-month!  The deal is on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability, so go sign up today.


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