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Hulu Coming to iPad

Posted by: , 05:40 AEDT, Mon February 22, 2010

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Hulu wants to bring some version of the Web video service to Apple’s iPad but, as a subscription service

Hulu has been free for Web users since it launched in 2008, but its owners, GE, NBC Universal, News Corp.’s, Fox and Disney’s ABC, want to start charging for a "premium version".

What about Hulu being free you ask?  Well, Hulu and its owners still want customers to have a free option so they are figuring out ways to add new exciting features to a "pay" version that consumers would pay for.

One idea they have been tossing around is offering the Hulu service to paying subscribers on more than one screen making it possible to watch on your computer plus two additional screens, such as TVs and mobile devices.


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