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Latest Radeon HD Graphics Card to be Released Soon

Posted by: , 11:22 AEDT, Tue January 19, 2010

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The latest graphics card by AMD, the Radeon HD 5830, is expected to go on sale February 5th for a rumored $239

It looks like that ATI  has decided to launch Radeon HD 5830 a bit later than we believed and the new date has been pushed all the way to February 5th.

The possible price is $239 and even though it doesn’t sound very attractive, it is still much better than $299 price tag on Radeon HD 5850 cards or $289.99 with the recent USA price drops.

The card will end up with DirectX 11 support and will sit on top of Radeon HD 4770 generation, performance wise. The 5770 sells for $155 for the 1GB version but it will end up significantly slower than 5830.


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