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Redbox Sales to Drop by the End of Next Month

Posted by: , 12:18 AEST, Thu September 17, 2009
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The distribution deals between Redbox and two top movie studios are set to end next month reducing the amount of new titles Redbox gets

The distribution deals between Redbox and two top movie studios, Warner Home Video & 20th Century Fox, are set to end next month.

After these deals are over, Redbox will no longer receive DVD blockbuster movies the same day they are released to the public.  That is the very reason Redbox was so successful.

The three studios that do have deals with Redbox, Sony Pictures, Paramount Home Video, and Lionsgate, will receive over $1 billion dollars over the next three years for the "rent the same day as release" feature Redbox will still retain from them.


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