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Redbox & Paramount Come to an Agreement

Posted by: , 12:45 AEST, Thu August 27, 2009
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Paramount agrees to allow Redbox to rent their new released DVDs if and only if they find it doesn't hurt DVD sales

Redbox, which rents new released DVDs out of its kiosk machine for just $1 a day, has come to an agreement with Paramount over whether or not it might be affecting their DVD sales.

The four month agreement between the two states as long as Paramount finds that their DVD sales aren't really affected greatly, they will continue to allow Redbox to rent out their new releases.

Redbox finds itself in separate lawsuits with Twentieth Century Fox, Universal Pictures, and Warner Brothers after all three tried to limit access to their new releases over concerns that renting them at $1 per day would hurt sales.


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