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XBOX Delays Primetime Launch

Posted by: , 07:16 AEDT, Wed October 22, 2008
Tags: Xbox 360

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Microsoft had delayed the launch of its new Primetime game show addition by at least 3 months to "Ensure a smooth launch"

Perhaps they really did learn their lesson with Windows Vista?  Microsoft, not really wanting to repeat that mistake again, has postponed the official launch date of the much talked about "Primetime" from November 19th to sometime in the spring of 2009.

Primetime, is a series of scheduled game shows with a live host where Xbox Live members could compete against one another for real prizes.

Microsoft officials have described the delay as necessary in order to ensure a smooth launch of the New Xbox Experience.  It sounds like an entertaining addition, I hope it doesn't get canceled like the support for streaming movies.


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