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Firmware Upgrade for HD-DVD Players

Posted by: , 06:07 AEST, Tue September 30, 2008

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Toshiba is still supporting their HD-DVD players by offering a firmware update to resolve some playback issues

Toshiba is supplying the 4.0 firmware update for Toshiba HD DVD Player models listed below:

HD-A1, HD-XA1, HD-D1, HD-A35, HD-A2, HD-A2W, HD-A2C, HD-D2, HD-A20, HD-XA2, HD-A3, HD-D3, HD-A30.

Firmware 4.0 solves playback issues such as 1080/24p jaggies with MPEG-4 AVC-encoded titles and basic operational issues such as fast forward and rewind halting.

This firmware update improves support for Addresses certain disc playback related issues identified by Toshiba , Play state specification is changed (Advanced playback function) When "pause state" continues 3 hours.


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