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BD Live Expands Interactive Capabilities

Posted by: , 13:29 AEST, Thu August 28, 2008
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BD-Live is a feature of Blu-ray that enables you to access or interact with special content associated with that disc bringing endless and unique activities

What is BD-Live?

BD-Live is a newly developed Blu-ray feature that enables you to access content through your internet connected Blu-ray player.  BD-Live.

BD-Live opens up an array of possibilities for the consumer.  BD-Live will allow users to connect to the internet to download such data as images and subtitles, and to join in multi-player interactive games that are linked to bonus movie content contained on Blu-ray discs.

Unfortunately not all Blu-ray players have a Ethernet port that is need to connect to your home network or the internet.  Although not all Blu-ray movies are BD-Live compatible.

Currently, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment offers both high definition and standard definition for BD-Live content.  Both have 2.0 stereo and have lower bitrates for the audio and video.

If you have any problems, please contact the customer support at 1-800-860-2878 .


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