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WinDVD 9 Review

Posted by: , 08:03 AEDT, Tue April 1, 2008
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WinDVD 9 is the first commercially available HD playback software to feature Blu-ray (and HD DVD) playback
WinDVD 9 is here, the 9th generation of WinDVD. Once produced by Intervideo, who has since been purchased by software giant Corel, this is the first new version of WinDVD for quite a while (since November 2006, in fact) and is also the first version to be produced by Corel.

And to continue the "firsts", this is also the first commercially available version of WinDVD to feature Blu-ray (and HD DVD) playback - the previous WinDVD HD/BD versions being OEM affairs only.

Click here to read the full in depth review of WinDVD 9.


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