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Still Undecided

Posted by: , 05:54 AEDT, Thu February 28, 2008
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DreamWorks pictures is not ready to support Blu-ray but, perhaps they have a good reason
DreamWorks still has a exclusive deal with Toshiba on releasing their movies on HD-DVD and it will not offer movies in Blu-ray at this time. DreamWorks latest blockbuster "Bee Movie", will be released in March on HD-DVD.

DreamWorks and Paramount both made contracts with HD-DVD (Toshiba) that didn't end until February 2009, and violating that contract could cost them the money that was agreed to be paid to them for their exclusive support of HD-DVD.

If you think about it, its not a bad decision, specially since the adoption of Blu-ray is taken a rather slow pace.

I mean how much money would they be losing by not supporting Blu-ray "right now"? 99% of sales will be on standard DVD format anyway.


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