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Your Wish is My Command

Posted by: , 07:22 AEDT, Fri February 1, 2008
Tags: DVB, Other

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Find out virtually anything about the movie, such as what kind of clothing their wearing to what song are the singing to and all of the answers are at the touch of fingertips
Lets say your watching a big-budget action flick and you want to find out more information about the guns or war machines in the movie. Two clicks on the TellX remote, and it gets you automatic specs, graphics and related special features

Freezing a scene brings up an “x” over every item or person that has additional information available. If it’s a movie with a lot of fashion showcased, viewers have the option of watching scenes in order of the hats, shoes, dresses, jewelry and coats featured in the film.

TellX is coming to a store near you...


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