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HD-DVD Player Sales Skyrocket

Posted by: , 08:17 AEDT, Wed November 28, 2007
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Thanks to the recent price cuts, HD-DVD players are selling like hot cakes and may soon rich the 1 million sold milestone
With current-generation players from Toshiba now under $200, the HD DVD Promotions Group saw a sharp uptake in sales in November and says over 750,000 players are now in the hands of consumers. This number includes both standalone devices and the HD DVD add-on available for Microsoft's Xbox 360.

But Sony's Blu-ray isn't going away without a fight, its outselling HD DVD movies in the United States by a near 2-to-1 margin.

With the holiday season upon us, the rhetoric between both sides is only going to heat up. That means more confusion for consumers about which high-definition format they should purchase, and more opportunity for hybrid players -- like those from LG and Samsung -- that support both HD DVD and Blu-ray.


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