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Long Awaited Features for the PS3 & XBOX

Posted by: , 05:20 AEDT, Wed November 14, 2007

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It would appear that both Sony and Microsoft have actually listened to its users and now both consoles are going to support the DivX codec, a long awaited feature for so many
DivX has said that the Sony PS3 will soon support the DivX video codec. That was pretty much a given when 2.0 firmware was released, as it includes the ability to detect both DivX and Xvid files.

Now on the XBOX side of things, Microsoft is still playing the wait game, but I would almost guarantee it. What they are waiting on I don't know but, they have hinted at a possible integration and that the codec will be shipped with new versions of Microsoft's standalone Media Center Extenders.

The December update for the 360 is coming soon, and if the deal with DivX goes through, 360 owners could be viewing DivX videos before Christmas. The same goes for PS3 owners.


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