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Survey Revealed More Than They Wanted To Know

Posted by: , 01:46 AEST, Thu September 27, 2007

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BestBuy recently did a survey about high definition products and what your average consumer knows about it, the results were umm intriguing to say the least
I really think BestBuy was expecting better results from this survey. It would appear that the majority of consumers are clueless about HD and how its setup.

Here are the results:
  • Four in 10 people did not identify an HDTV as necessary to enjoy high-def content
  • 44% of respondents did not know they needed HD programming or an HD antenna, while 52% did not know they needed HD cables and 62% did not know they needed a full audio set-up
  • More than half of respondents said they had only budgeted for an HDTV, thinking that would be enough to be high-def
  • 52% of respondents who already own an HDTV said they would be unwilling to admit their HD set-up was wrong after showing the system to friends
  • Only 11% of all consumers said they feel they completely understand high-def, compared to only 19% of HDTV owners

Boy, the consumers are really going to be shocked in 2009 when their analog TV signals are no more.


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