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New Type of Copyright Protection Released

Posted by: , 04:11 AEST, Wed July 4, 2007

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Macrovision, Chicago Digital Post, and Great Lakes Digital Media have launched "RipGuard-MOD"
RipGuard-MOD v2.4, Macrovision’s newest video content protection technology, is the most widely adopted rip control technology in the market today.

RipGuard-MOD defeats most copiers by neutralizing their tools of choice and significantly raising the technical bar required for completing a successful copy. When copiers encounter a RipGuard protected title, they experience a frustration that rarely occurs when they try to copy titles protected only with the Content Scrambling System (CSS).

This frustration causes many casual copiers to simply give up on trying to make a copy of a RipGuard protected title. A recent study that used data from online user forums found that over the last 12 months, RipGuard protected titles generated 10 to 20 times the level of ‘rip frustration’ as compared with very similar titles that were protected only with CSS.


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