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Nintendo Wii to Block ModChips

Posted by: , 02:25 AEST, Tue April 3, 2007

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Nintendo is worried about the increasing availability of so called mod chips for the Wii console, so since has released a revised version of the Wii with an altered circuit layout that will make system level modification more difficult
However, new modchips to deal with the changed layout may be less than a month away. While these changes probably won’t be difficult to work around, other mod chip installers believe that there are more complex methods available to Nintendo to block modifications for a longer period of time.

Some providers of Wii modification services in Taiwan think Nintendo could adopt BGA (ball grid array) IC packaging to prolong the time needed by hackers to develop new modchips to at least four months. The longer waiting time would likely reduce the willingness of some users to modify the consoles.


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