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Which HD Camp Are They Backing

Posted by: , 06:20 AEDT, Wed March 7, 2007

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Samsung, which is a long time supporter of Blu-Ray products has just did a 180 by showing off their new laptop computer with HD-DVD drive
Just which side is Samsung on? Blu-Ray? HD-DVD? GOD only knows with this type of PR! If this is a sign of change from the first company to release a Blu-ray player in the US is uncertain.

Will they release a stand alone player? If so this will be a major boost for the HD-DVD camp.The laptop will first be released in Samsung's homeland Korea and feature a full 17" HD (1920×1200) LCD screen.

Samsung Electronics development completes HD-DVD Writable drive internal organs notebooks at the domestic industry beginning and from March candle it puts into the market.

Come into the market 'the sense M55 HD-DVD' products 17 inch wide WUXGA which equips Full HD class resolutions (1920×1200) LCD about under adopting HD-DVD disks quality image picture quality loss it will be able to express without to this time.


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