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Microsoft Vista Cracked

Posted by: , 07:56 AEDT, Sat March 3, 2007

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Although Microsoft says their new OS "Windows Vista" is uncrackable, it would appear not as someone has already done it with brute force
Its a very simple attack, one that almost every pirate has tried once in their life time (this is how piracy was born". Its real simple, you try, try, and try again until you input a valid key. Its by no means a pretty method but, hey it works! It could take hours but do you have anything better to do?

If these exploits in to the outer realm of the real world, I feel sorry (not really) for Microsoft. It won't take long for PC's that are still at BestBuy or other computer stores to activated before they are even bought!

There is really nothing Microsoft can do about this hack! There is no way for Microsoft to decipher if the key you just enters is yours or anyone else's for that matter.

Let the guessing game begin!!



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