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Pioneer Releases Two New Internal Drives

Posted by: , 07:52 AEDT, Fri February 9, 2007

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The DVR-112 and DVR-112D are both identical except for the 112 model isn't capable of writing to DVD-RAM media, however both support 18X speed for DVD-R and DVD+R
Pioneer Europe today announces the availability of two new internal DVD writers. The DVR-112 multi-format drive and, the DVR-112D dual-format drive, integrate a wide range of technologies to optimise DVD writing. The speedy siblings also set new performance benchmarks by writing at 18X speed to write once DVD media (DVD-R and +R) and 10X speed to write once Dual Layer / Double Layer (DL) media (DVD-R DL and +R DL). The products also offer the surety of the Pioneer brand, delivering high read/write accuracy and stability.

The DVR-112 multi-format drive writes at 18X speed on DVD-R and +R, 10X on DVD-R DL and +R DL, 6X on DVD-RW and 8X on +RW. Its write speed for DVD-RAM media is an industry-leading 12X, whilst CD-R and CD-RW media are catered for at 40X and 32X speeds respectively. The DVR-112D dual-format drive provides identical write performance to the DVR-112 multi-format drive, but excludes DVD-RAM writing support, thus enabling consumers to select a DVD writer which is best-suited to their exact storage needs.

The high write speed of 18X is achieved with DVD-R and +R discs through the adoption of the CAV recording system, while Pioneer’s proprietary technologies ensure the disc has been recorded accurately and efficiently.



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