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Apple to Possibly Make Game Console

Posted by: , 11:35 AEDT, Wed December 13, 2006

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Recent activity from Apple Computers leads to us to believe they are thinking of entering the gaming market to compete with the Nintendo Wii, XBOX 360, and the PS3
Apple's flawless designs, along with its well know brand name, is sure to provide the company an advantage should it decide to enter the market. Apple could approach the video game market in one of two ways -- either through a home game console or a handheld device, such as the iPod.

Apple would start way in the back behind the others though, as the other game consoles already have a library of games. Apple has tried to make an appearance in the game console market before with "The Pippin". Although it was a huge failure.

Only time will tell if they will succeed this time...



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