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MySpace + Quicktime = Virus

Posted by: , 13:54 AEDT, Wed December 6, 2006

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There is a new worm that used Apple Computer's QuickTime player to direct victims to a phishing site where they were scammed into keying in user names and passwords
This worm attack is used involving a MySpace vulnerability that was announced two weeks ago. "The vulnerabilities are being used to replace the legitimate links on the user's MySpace profile with links to a phishing site."

Once a user's MySpace profile is infected (by viewing a malicious embedded QuickTime video), that profile is then modified by changing the links in the user's page so that they are linked to a phishing site, and a copy of the malicious QuickTime video is embedded into the user's site. Any other users who visit this newly-infected profile may have their own profile infected as well."



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