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Massive Storage Capability

Posted by: , 08:48 AEDT, Tue November 21, 2006

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50 GB Blu-Ray disc have hit the market
Sony has announced today that it has six 50GB Blu-ray disc production lines up and running as of now and is currently planning production to be 60,000 discs per day. . 50GB is about 12 times more than you can store on todays single layer DVD-R's you buy.

The demand for 50GB is getting greater and greater as people want to max out the capacity of their blank media for music, video, extra features, commentaries, and have uncompressed audio so that it will be in its true quality. Supposedly, the company has nine 25GB Blu-ray production machines running at the moment in addition to the 50GB line.
“Sony is thrilled to be the leading optical disc manufacturing facility in the U.S. and have a full Blu-ray BD-ROM line ready for production.”
Blu-ray is going to revolutionize the way consumers enjoy high definition entertainment content.

Credit: jmet


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