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BestBuy Promo Idea

Posted by: , 15:28 AEDT, Wed November 15, 2006
Tags: PS3, Xbox 360

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BestBuy had decided to offer the poor people who miss out on the PS3 a alternative offer involving the Xbox 360
The site claims that those who try and get a PS3 on launch day and come away empty-handed will be eligible for a special Xbox 360 deal. Those who purchase an Xbox 360 premium pack ($399) and two games ($39.99 to $59.99 each, depending on title) will be offered a third game for free. The deal is said to be valid from November 17 to November 19.

While the deal appears to be an easy way for Best Buy to cash in on the holidays without having a large supply of hard-to-find PS3s, there doesn't seem to be much truth behind Punchjump's claim.

Credit: GameSpot


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