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Limewire Countersues the RIAA

Posted by: , 11:07 AEST, Wed September 27, 2006

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Will they go down with the rest or stay alive to be the best
LimeWire is demanding a trial by jury in a landmark case involving what used to be a small group of independent companies who made and marketed p2p file sharing applications.

LimeWire steered its own course but was ultimately beaten down by RIAA Cease & Desist letters sent off soon after the infamous US Supreme Court Grokster v MGM ruling.

One after another, LimeWire, BearShare, iMesh, eDonkey, Grokster, Sharman Networks' Kazaa - which had always wanted to be part of the corporate crowd - and others. large and small, such as iMex, i2Hub and WinMX, went down, some of them to re-appear under what amounts to corporate ownership.

But it seems LimeWire hasn't capitulated entirely, More...

Credit: p2pnet


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