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Do You Use KaZaA

Posted by: , 09:38 AEST, Thu August 3, 2006

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If so, then you might want to do a virus scan
Virus writers have created an experimental form of malware which tries to spread via Sharman Networks' Kazaa, the p2p application which itself has been identified as a threat to users.

"Cibyz was developed by the same Austrian VXers who developed proof of concept malware targeting Microsoft Command Shell (MSH) technology, later renamed PowerShell," continues The Register.

"Although the technique used to develop the Cibyz worm is novel, its propagation techniques are all too familiar. The worm attempts to spread via the Kazaa P2P file sharing application by posing as one of a variety of useful utilities. Users who attempt to open these illicit files (scripts) will find themselves infected. However, the worm does little damage apart from dropping a copy of itself in shared folders used by Kazaa. More...

Credit: p2pnet


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