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MPEG Surround Better than 5.1

Posted by: , 14:32 AEST, Fri May 26, 2006

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Various companies involved in the development of compression codecs have been working on combining these codecs with 5.1-channel audio to create a new sound standard
Last year, the Fraunhofer company in Germany demonstrated MP3 Surround, and even released an MP3 Surround portable player to go with it. Now a consortium of companies, including Fraunhofer, Agere Systems Inc., Coding Technologies GmbH, and Philips Applied Technologies, have taken the idea a step further with a new standard called MPEG Surround.

The technology, which adds the MPEG-4 Advanced Audio Codec (AAC) and MPEG-4 HE AAC (also known as aacPlus) to the list of supported codecs. More...

Credit: ars technica


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