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PS3 Ports/Connectors

Posted by: , 15:08 AEST, Mon May 15, 2006

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Sneak peak at possible ports or connections the PS3 may have
The front panel was full of surprises, the one that caught my eye was the eight dip switches on the upper left. They are labeled GP1 and have on/off labels. Above that, there is a set of eight lights labeled GP0.

PS3 Switches

No one could tell me what they do, but someone with an older 'gen 1' dev kit speculated that they might be speed settings. If Sony has not finalized the numbers for Cell, or is having as much trouble at the fabs as I hear, they may have to ramp clocks down. Conversely, if they are doing well, they could go up. Anyone know for sure?

They also had a drive select button above the dips for HDD or BD, no, not Bondage and Domination, but DRM infected Blu-Ray. Below that they had what looks to be a headphone jack labeled 'FOOT SW', and six USB ports. Beside those were the memory slots for CF, SD and another, possibly Memory Stick. More...

Credit: The Inquirer


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