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Blurry Image for Blu-Ray and HD-DVD

Posted by: , 16:40 AEDT, Wed March 29, 2006
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Most TVs sold in the past 3 years aren't capable of playing Blu-Ray or HD-DVD at their full resolution
That is not all, at least one major studio intends to downgrade the picture even more Piracy Cable unless consumers hook their players up through a special, pricey cable aimed at preventing piracy.

The new content-protection scheme would be the first time any consumer electronics purchaser -- not just those who try to break copyright laws -- could be penalized. In this case, even if you have a perfectly equipped TV, content providers retain the right to automatically downgrade the picture quality because of piracy concerns. Current DVD releases like Batman Begins and Walk The Line include software to prevent unauthorized duplication, but still play normally. More...

Credit: BitBurners