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      Note : This method may be out-dated. For the latest DVD to VCD conversion methods, please visit this page.

      There are some nice software that can help in doing a backup of our precious DVD; unfortunately, bugs and compatibility problems arise sometimes.
      DVD2MPG (all version up to 1.15) sometimes can't handle well the audio tracks, with the result that with some discs you always rip the english audio soundtrack even if you specify another; furthermore, with some discs you can't use the DVD menu to choose the language (happens with some Disney and MGM titles). If you want to rip in a different language, there is the probablity you just can't, and there's no workaround for this at present time.

      FlasK (0.49) handle the audio tracks in a better way - it shows it up all and you pick the one you want - but has two big problems: a/v sync and bad Mpeg stream creation. But there is a workaround for these two.

      Here is a short how to for a perfect VCD, working OK in all VCD-enabled machines (CDi included). It assume you already know all the usual stuff.

      Required Software DVD DIGEST

      Conversion Steps DVD DIGEST

        1. Rip the DVD on the hard drive using

        2. Use the frame rate converter to change the frame rate of the ripped dvd from its original (PAL or NTSC) to FILM - this solves out the sync problem in FlaskMPEG Encoder.

        3. Open FlaskMPEG and choose PAL settings (even if the dvd is NTSC) for everything. Set Audio (in the Global Project Options menu) to "decode audio" and uncheck the "same as input" option so you can set the audio rate to "44000 Hz". Read the FlasK MPEG documentations for more details.

        4. Start the conversion

        5. Once you've got the movie in MPEG-1 system format (video+audio), open it in VCD Cutter and choose to split (demux) the audio and video part in two separate files.

            With audio and video separated, open Xing Encoder and encode it again into a MPEG system stream. (Note: it is necessary to have a single FlaskMPEG generated Mpeg system file to split in order to keep the a/v sync).
            This solves out the problems of:

              + systematic hangs on CDi machines and some VCD software players
              + compatibility with all the VCD burning softwares,

            both due to some problems in the Mpeg system creation routine in FlasK.

        6. Now you have a 100% VCD compliant Mpeg1 system stream and you can cut&burn it as you want.

        7. Note : If you need to cut the resulting MPEG files into smaller chunks, then please use some of the Cut/Join tools found on this page.

      Source : Oleg's DVD page. This guide has been modified due to software updates

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