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  • ARCHIVED DVD NEWS For : 19th November 1999


    Buying DVDs @ ...

    Bearing the title of the "world's largest selection" or books, videos, electronics, and now software and hardware (the DIY, not the computer kind), has always been a much "hyped" company. But in the age of the very competitive online sales market, how does fare against the many other stores that offers pretty much the same stuff ?

    I live in Australia and have bought many Region 1 DVDs online from several stores, the number of Region 4 discs are limited to say the least (but that's another story). The price or availability isn't the big issue here, but rather the time it takes for my parcel of DVDs to arrive. The cheapest option, standard airmail, will usually take 3-4 weeks to arrive. Standard airmail still costs quite a bit, around $US10 - so if you buy 3 discs, that works out to be around 15-20% of the total cost!

    While some online stores offers "free" postage to anywhere around the world, you can be sure that their DVD prices are usually higher - which evens out and turns out to be the same price as "non-free" stores. There is the option to use express delivery, but that will cost even more.

    In Association with

    So on the 10th of November, I ordered 3 DVDs from (SPR, The Matrix and Ricky Martin video collection - in case you were interested). All 3 items were available, not on pre-order and I choose the standard airmail option. So after I got notice on the same day that had shipped all three DVDs, as expected, I began the 3-4 weeks wait.

    It's only being 1 week since my DVDs were shipped, so why am I writing this article ?

    They have arrived =)

    Yes!! They arrived yesterday on the 18th. The minimum time it takes for the parcels to arrive, as stated by, was 7 business days (the maximum is 21 business days) - my DVDs arrived only in 8 normal days (but only 6 business days). It was shipped in a sturdy cardboard box, with plenty of padding - as opposed to my previous orders from other stores, which arrived in padded paper envelopes. I know where I'll be getting my next batch of DVDs from ... and it all worked out to be still less than buying 3 R4 DVDs (again, that's another story).

    Of course, this might have been just a one off thing, and then again it might not.

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    What's so special about Special Editions ...

    Being a big fan of T2 (although not a big Cameron fan), I have been eagerly awaiting the release of T2 SE on DVD. The non-SE edition of T2 released quite a while ago was quite a let-off. It wasn't the director's cut edition, and didn't come with any extra features (bar the standard trailers, bios and production notes) - and it didn't sell so well. Nowadays, DVD studios/producers realise that for a disc's successful is directly proportional to how many extras feature it has (and also the price) - hence this is the reason why many old DVD releases have been given the "special"; "limited"; "deluxe" or "collectors'" edition treatment (eg. A Bug's Life Deluxe edition).

    The DVD format as we know it is the PERFECT place for SE versions. DVD, with it's non-volatile media, is the perfect medium to keep all your "collectable" movies. If you do have a favourite movie, then of course you would want to get a copy that would last a very long time, even though you may already have another VHS copy. You will also want the version with the most features - trailers, commentary, making-of and special effects documentaries - enter the SE version. And the Studios also know that fans will go out and buy these SE discs, even though they may already own the standard version(s). I can already hear the money in my pockets getting ready to depart. A fan and his money are soon parted (or something like that) ... Terminator 2 : Special Edition

    As for T2 SE, I think it will have both the released version and the director's cut, using the seamless branching feature of DVDs (read more in DVDFile's article, link below), making-of & special effects documentaries and more ...

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