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  • ARCHIVED DVD NEWS For : 4th November 1999


    NEWS SPECIAL : MPAA closes down "DVD Ripping" site - MPAA's actions Illegal ??

    The first salvo has been fired by the MPAA and the film industry against alleged "DVD Ripping" sites. While many expected such a move, others were surprised at the "reasons" given.

    DVDUtils, who received a "recommended site" award on our DVD Resources page has been told to remove all their ripping and ripping related contents. You can read the letter sent to DVDUtils forcing them to remove their ripping section here. In the stated letter, the law firm claims that DVDUtils were enagaing to "sell unauthorized DVD copies of our clients copyrighted motion pictures". This is utterly FALSE. Despite the fact that no - I repeat - no pirated DVD titles are currently available anywhere around the world (due to the non-existence of a affordable DVD copier), DVDUtils certainly did not "sell" something that did not exist. And also despite the fact that DVDUtils is an European site, for which the US laws do not apply there.

    MP3 users should be familiar with the RIAA attempts to close down many MP3 sites, whether legal or not, when MP3s first became popular. MP3s now has become quite an accepted format, and many large corporations and even some record companies have embraced the format with open arms. This action by the MPAA reminds me of the early "witch-hunts" by the RIAA, but who will prevail in the end ?? It will always be the people.

    Why should a freeware program like DeCSS or a ripping help guide from DVDUtils be pulled down? What ever happened to freedom of speech and expression? Just because something "might" be used for illegal purposes, this does not mean it WILL be used for such a purpose. If this is the logic behind the law firm's actions, then they might as well close down every site on the net, or remove every software package from the shop shelves, because ANYTHING, with a little bit of creativity, CAN be used for illegal purposes!! That's why I urge you to either send email to the address on this page (owned by DVDUtils) to support DVDUtils or to post a strongly worded message in the following specially created FORUM :

    Post your opinions on the DVD Ripping issue here

    RPC-2 Hacked?

    The first step in the demise of the dreaded RPC-2 format may be here - with the world's first region setting changer for RPC-2 drives.
    RPC-1 drives were (and still are) the most common DVD-ROM drives on the market. These drives did not pose any restrictions on the number of different regioned DVD discs you can use. This is good because it allows you to view discs from many other regions, especially those discs that are not available in your region. It is always better to buy a localised regioned disc because it will usually be cheaper and may contain local features , like languages and subtitles, that may not be in the other region's version, but by having an RPC-1 drive, you at least have this choice. With RPC-2 drives, you only get 5 chances to change the region of the drive before it automatically locks up in the last used region - FOREVER !! Not only have many people accidentally locked themselves out of their current region, it has also restricted their choice of discs that they can view - forget foreign movies that'll never make it in your region. This is cultural genocide !! - another big win for the Globalization boys.

    However, a new utility made by Fetete Istvan may change all this. This new utility has the capability to erase the region setting for the Pioneer 114 drive, which is an RPC-2 drive, without decrementing the "5 chance" counter. It might even work with older model Pioneer drives, like 113/103 drives which may have been accidentally set to RPC-2.
    Unfortunately, at this early stage, you'll need to have the Pioneer 1.10 firmware version to be able to do this. If you do use it with the other firmware versions, you WILL permamently damage your drive!!

    Remember, messing with firmware and "hacking" away at your drive will always mean that you run the chance of destroying it complete, so please use at your own risk, as this definetely isn't covered under warrantee.

    Get this utility here at Fetete's page :

    DVD Piracy - WHY it will never take off

    Having just read yet another DeCSS / Piracy article on this page :

    It has started me thinking - will DVD piracy, even with cheap DVD-R drives available, ever become popular? NO
    Bold statement? I think not!
    Like what was stated by Rob in the article above, has CD-Audio, as a format, fallen since the cheapening down of CD-R drives? Has VCD, basically a pirate's format in Asia, totally destroyed the western film industry? Has macrovision remover machines totally reduced the VHS sales and rental industry to ashes? The answer is NO, because we, as a society, do not tolerant piracy as popular culture. There are hundreds of agencies that prevent video piracy from occuring, or pirated VCD discs from being imported, and when was the last time you actually bought a pirated copy of a movie, or downloaded a 1.2gig VCD movie from the web??
    Lets be realistic guys, DVD piracy, while it may prove popular in countries where legal copies have been hard to obtain, will never be more than just a news story in most of our lives. Do you really think that the movie studios are going to stop publishing movies on what has PROVEN to be a very profitable format? And will you ever buy a pirated DVD movie if it will save you only a few dollars and will be lacking in both quality and content? I didn't think so ...

    What makes Saving Private Ryan so good - technology wise

    DVD FILE has done a spotlight article on the new transfer technology used for Saving Private Ryan and why "everybody's eyes popped out" when they saw the new transfer.
    You can read more about it at : DVDFile


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