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Multimedia Creation

This section covers creating your own video and audio files, CDs, DVDs. Starting with audio files:


Audacity URL:
Description: A free audio editor and recorder
License: Open Source


Description: A personaly favourite, CD ripper and audio encoder
License: Open Source


foobar2000 URL:
Description: foobar2k is an advanced audio player, but also includes audio conversion, encoding and tagging support
License: Open Source

There are far too many free video file creation/editing tools, I mean this entire website is pretty much dedicated to them, but I'll list here some of the more popular ones (DVD authoring/editing tools not included here):

  • VirtualDub - AVI editing, encoding and capturing
  • AutoGK - DivX/XviD encoder/converter
  • VobSub - subtitle decoder/ripper
  • SUPER - convert to/from most video formats
  • DivXLand Media Subtitler - create and edit subtitle files
    Advanced Tools:
  • MeGUI - more advanced video encoder, designed for H.264 encoding
  • x264 - advanced command line H.264 encoder, used by MeGUI and other tools
  • AVIsynth - scripting tool needed by almost everything
  • YAMB - MP4 mux/demux/tagger

DVD Flick

Now on to DVD authoring and editing, again too many to list, but here are some recommended ones:


You would normally use Nero to burn your CD and DVDs, and Nero being bundled with almost everything these days, it can almost be considered free software. But for truly freeware solutions to CD and DVD burning or imaging, look no further than:



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