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x265 is a free and open source encoding library and application for encoding HEVC/H.265 video files
Language: English
Ease of use: Not Rated
Latest Version: 3.1 (details)
OS Support: Linux/Unix Mac OS Win32 Command Line Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8
License: Open Source
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x265 is a free and open source encoding library and application for encoding HEVC/H.265 video files.


  • Provides next-generation compression and codec.
  • Fast and excellent quality.
  • Completly free and libre software, ensuring freedom for everyone.
  • The APIs are similar to x264 APIs

Encoder features

  • Full prediction and transform quad-tree recursion supported
  • Adaptive B-frame placement
  • B-frames as references / arbitrary frame order
  • CABAC entropy coding
  • Intra: all block types (32x32, 16x16, 8x8, 4x4, and PCM with all predictions)
  • Inter P: all partitions (from 64x64 down to 8x4)
  • Inter B: partitions from 64x64 down to 8x4 (including all merge modes
  • and biprediction)
  • Weighted prediction for P slices
  • Multiple reference frames
  • Ratecontrol: constant quantizer, constant quality, single pass ABR, optional VBV
  • Scenecut detection
  • Parallel encoding on multiple CPUs, both frame-level and wavefront parallelism


OS Compatibility:

Linux/Unix/Mac OS/Win32 Command Line/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8

Revision History:

Version 3.1
  • Release Date: Jun 19, 2019
  • New features
    • x265 can invoke SVT-HEVC library for encoding through --svt.
    • x265 can now accept interlaced inputs directly (no need to separate fields), and sends it to the encoder with proper fps and frame-size through --field.
    • --fades can detect and handle fade-in regions. This option will force I-slice and initialize RC history for the brightest frame after fade-in.
    API changes
    • A new flag to signal MasterDisplayParams and maxCll/Fall separately
    • Encoder enhancements
    • Improved the performance of inter-refine level 1 by skipping the evaluation of smaller CUs when the current block is decided as “skip” by the save mode.
    • New AVX2 primitives to improve the performance of encodes that enable --ssim-rd.
    • Improved performance in medium preset with negligible loss in quality.
    Bug fixes
    • Bug fixes for zones.
    • Fixed wrap-around from MV structure overflow occurred around 8K pixels or over.
    • Fixed issues in configuring cbQpOffset and crQpOffset for 444 input
    • Fixed cutree offset computation in 2nd pass encodes.
    • Known issues
    • AVX512 main12 asm disabling.
    • Inconsistent output with 2-pass due to cutree offset sharing.
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