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Version 3.10.3-629
  • Release Date: Nov 17, 2012
  • Enhance: Batch processing: Batch processing scripts, vp.vbs and adscan.vbs, will display % complete while processing.
  • Enhance: GUI: Added option to Tool>Options>File types to automatically add an opened file type to the default file list.
  • Enhance: Localization: Added Spanish translations.
  • Enhance: MPEG2 streams: New Shift+T>O, 0000017, Remove duplicate SD NTSC closed captions, removes double captions on Comcast Tivo SD.
  • Change: Audio MPEG1 Layer: Tightened up timing tolerances for 44.1KHz audio.
  • Change: Audio recoding: New library code for audio sampling rate change that doesn't use intel libs.
  • Change: COM: Calling SetFilterDimensions( -1, -1) will trigger automatic filtering with the most common dimension in the file.
  • Change: Configuration wizard: Remove extra "\" when attempting to add Desktop.ini to Recorded TV. Aesthetic change only.
  • Change: GOP Reduction: Removed "spread GOP reduction evenly" from Shift+Tools>Options as this has been the default for years.
  • Change: GUI: Intelligent warning if attempting to open MP4 or MKV file.
  • Change: H.264 TS: If TS file didn't have a program map (or ignore PMT checked), H.264 files reported as no video fouund instead of unsupported.
  • Change: MPEG2 DVR-MS: Teletext captions would report error of caption too large for buffer.
  • Change: MPEG2 output: If "diagnostics" enabled on the Tools>Options>Stream page, video buffer dumps will have file offsets.
  • Change: MPEG2 output: If video PTS resets in the middle of a file a single missing audio frame could crash buffer overflow or crash.
  • Change: MPEG2 stream: Auto-mux rate, when multi-audio enabled, is now set to max of calculated bit rate or video header bit rate.
  • Change: MPEG2 stream: If doing smart cutting and profile has CBR enabled, leave the output stream as CBR.
  • Change: Output processing: Release display frame buffers during save to reduce memory. ( Disable using shift+Tools>Options 0000073 to 0 ).
  • Change: QSF filter: Filter dialog now reports number of times a particular dimension was found.
  • Change: Registration: Updated to Version 8 of license manager.
  • Change: Topfield TS files: Special EchoStar file check interfered with feature to auto build a program map from raw data.
  • Change: TS Muxer: If the source stream was a TS without PMTs, the output file would not have a PMT if "use existing PIDS" selected.
  • Change: TS Muxing: If CableLabs muxing is enabled, allow the user to set a manual mux rate. If 0, use default of 3.75 Mbps.
  • Change: TS Muxing: If CableLabs muxing is enabled, turn on QuadByte alignment.
  • Change: TS Output options: If user specifies manual PIDS, they must start at 16 (x10) instead of 1.
  • Fix: AC3 Demuxing: Resyncing triggered if TS AC3 streams switched from non-aligned to aligned.
  • Fix: Batch/COM: Do not reset window position and maximized status when running silent batch.
  • Fix: COM: Calling FileOpen in silent mode could display a file open error message rather than just returning an error.
  • Fix: COM: When running in silent mode and doing a close during output will leave the output processing in the background.
  • Fix: French translation: Translation error causing "Tip of the day" to display incorrectly and/or hang.
  • Fix: GUI: Time code at 40:00.00 would display as 30:00.00 if the frame rate was 59.94.
  • Fix: Installer: When registering COM object, installer may launch configuration wizard as admin and then again as regular user.
  • Fix: MPEG2 stream: If source was mpeg2 program stream, T>O>Stream "MB to scan at open" was not being calculated properly.
  • Fix: MPEG2 stream: Saving from mpeg to TS, audio PID not being properly set.
  • Fix: Navigation: Pressing 'back frame' (left arrow) at start of file, would advance one frame.
  • Fix: Plus3: SxS errors when running with non-english languages.
  • Fix: QSF Filter: Number of sample points was not being properly saved in the registry and would always default to 8.
  • Fix: QSF: Enable filters adds duplicate entries to the drop-down list if Rescan pressed.
  • Fix: Tivo TS: If TiVo-TS file has encrypted PMT packets, file might not open.
  • Fix: TS Muxer: If video lost many frames, but audio or subtitles were OK, muxer could get packet overflow.
  • Fix: Unpack error: On some systems license manager could cause unpack error when program is launched.
Version 3.10.3-609
  • Release Date: Nov 21, 2010
  • Critical: Ability to save to transport stream stopped working.
  • Enhance: Batch processing: Batch processing scripts, vp.vbs and adscan.vbs, will display % complete while processing.
  • Enhance: DVR-MS: Automatically recover from corrupt files.
  • Enhance: MPEG2 streams: Much improved support when video dimension changes. Does not yet handle frame rate changes.
  • Enhance: Thumbnails: New option to display frame type (I, P or B) in each thumbnail.
  • Enhance: Tools>Options>Navigation: Added IFrame seek setting. Jumps more than xx seconds will jump to nearest IFrame.
  • Enhance: MPEG2 stream: If source is NTSC/ATSC & Tivo and duplicate temporal references are found, rebuild temporal refs.
  • Enhance: MPEG2 stream: Improve detection of bad audio frames at start of file that look valid but aren't and created silent playback.
  • Enhance: Transport stream: Added option on the Tools >Options>Transport stream page to add the GeoSatPro header.
  • Change: Fix digitally recorded Tivo files with incorrect temporal references due to incorrect coding by some cable providers.
  • Complete list of changes and fixes.
Version 3.1.5-564
  • Release Date: Feb 4, 2010
Version 2.5.6-512
  • Release Date: Jun 16, 2007
Version 2.5.5-512
  • Release Date: Apr 2, 2007
  • Fix: Ouputting to Topfield .rec files could crash VideoReDo if user's time zone is east of GMT.
Version 2.5.4-507
  • Release Date: Jan 18, 2007
  • Enhance: Installation wizard will detect if being installed on Vista and set VideoReDo video driver to VMR9 to support Aero glass.
  • Enhance: COM: New property: OpenedFilename, to return the currently opened filename.
  • Enhance: COM: New sample scripts included with the installation, ScanAndSplit.vbs and ScanSplitFolder.cmd.
  • Enhance: AC3: For all AC3 output stream to sub-stream 0x80 via a setting ont he Tools>Shift+Options page.
  • Enhance: Install wizard, change MCE detection to work with Vista.
  • Change: When saving to elementary streams, 'wav' and 'ac3' file types would be in upper case rather than the preferred lower case.
  • Change: DVR-MS, QuickstreamFix was unable to use the video dimension filter.
  • Change: Mute button, red overlay hard to see.
  • Fix: Opening a CRID file could sometimes cause an infinite loop.
  • Fix: AC3: Ignore and skip bad audio header of 3.0 channels, 32K sampling rate.
  • Fix: COM. SetCutMode() would GPF if called before opening a file.
  • Fix: TS Streams: If "PID not found" message was displayed, memory wasn't being fully released.
  • Fix: DVR-MS input: Small memory leak found and fixed.
  • Fix: Tivo file reader: Memory leak found and fixed.
Version 2.5.3-500
  • Release Date: Nov 11, 2006
  • Enhance: Logfile: Add ability to clear log file and more easily attach to an email. Log filename is also copied to the clipboard if the "Explore" option is selected.
  • Enhance: COM: New method FileOpenBatchPIDS( filename, videoPID, audioPID) to enable QSF with custom PIDs.
  • Change: New faster AC3 decoder library.
  • Fix: DVR-MS files with restricted content could get into infinite loop. VideoReDo attempts to detect and issue a warning.
  • Fix: Batch: Ampersand "&" in the filename would cause file name problems in batch.
  • Fix: DVR-MS: NTSC closed captions caused injection of bad user data into the video stream resulting in pixelation.
  • Fix: Humax PVR transport streams will not open properly.
  • Fix: CRID: Double clicking on an entry in the CRID list would cause a crash.
  • Fix: CRID: attemp0ting to open a CRID file with no available components could cause a crash.
  • Fix: Batch: In File>Queue To Batch, changing the suggested filename and then changing an output option would cause filename to revert to default.
Version 2.5.2-491
  • Release Date: Sep 27, 2006
  • Enhance: Support for creating DVR-MS output files.
  • Enhance: Support for creating Topfield .REC output files.
  • Enhance: Ability to detect and process MPEG1 video inside an MPEG2 program stream.
  • Enhance: New hidden options page for undocumented options, using Shift+Tools>Options.
  • Enhance: New zoom feature to magnify the timeline.
  • Enhance: New "Favorite places" on the Tools>Options pages. Allows you to setup favorite folders in the file open dialog.
  • Enhance: Brand new installation wizard
  • Enhance: Support for YUV acceleration on multiple monitors using VMR7 and VMR9 drivers.
  • Enhance: VideoReDo will work with Vista Betas using the Aero interface when using the VMR9 drivers.
  • Enhance: Sorting filenames for auto comine (VLST) will now logically sort, i.e. VTS_01_10.VOB will follow VTS_01_9.VOB. Only works on Windows XP.
  • Enhance: Ability to support 4:2:2 video.
  • Enhance: AdDetective in batch can now run silently.
  • Enhance: Running batch in quiet mode is now totally quiet except for icon in the system task bar.
  • Enhance: Ability to change the volume in the saved file. Output audio type must be LPCM (WAV) or MPEG.
  • Enhance: Batch audio alert will only be heard after the last file in the batch sequence.
  • Enhance: New COM properties/methods: AudioAlert, OutputPercentComplete, EnterRegistrationKey, VersionNumber, AbortOutput.
  • Enhance: Copy Tivo meta data from the source file if the source and destination files are both Tivo.
  • Enhance: If source file is a BeyondTV transport file and output is a transport file, the BeyondTV metadata, if present, will be copied.
  • Enhance: Batch will properly support the full ANSI character set.
  • Enhance: Complete support for NTSC 29.97 FPS drop frame timecodes. Both in the display and output in the GOP header.
  • Enhance: Frame Capture, Added Shift+Tools>Options to specify number of lines to omit from the capture.
  • Enhance: Ability to call a user defined application using Shift+File>Queue To Batch. Command to be called specified on Shift+Tools>Options.
  • Enhance: Batch quiet mode, will no longer display video. Fixes problem when running VRD in the background when MCE is running. To use this feature, set "Do not display video in silent batch" to true, in Shift+Tools>Options.
  • Change: Log file date display changed from mm/dd/yy to ISO format: YYYY-mm-dd.
  • Change: For TS files broadcast with ATSC (USA digital broadcasts), the audio will default to the AC3 stream if one is present.
  • Change: Ability to change the text color of the mark-in/out time codes to provide better contrast against the application background.
  • Change: Logfile is now saved in the C:Documents and SettingsApplication DataVideoReDoPlus. New installations only. Permits VideoReDo to run as limited user.
  • Change: Saving a project file will add the .bprj file to File menu's recently used file list.
  • Change: Audio Alerts can be enabled only for batch, interactive, or both.
  • Change: The "Unsaved Edits" message ox will now default to "No" so that pressing return not not exit the application.
  • Change: Ulead Movie Factory option has been removed. VideoReDo files should be acceptable for all version of Movie Factory.
  • Change: Ad-Detective, "Automatically cut commercials is now the default.
  • Change: If you switch to frame display, instead of time code display, the setting will be remembered the next time you start VideoReDo.
  • Change: Queue To Batch, if you change the default file type, the file extension will also change.
  • Change: Added a "Copy to Clipboard" button on the Tools>Show Program Info page.
  • Change: Tools>Show Program info now display Tivo and DVRMS as source file types.
  • Change: Quickstream FIX for DVD VOBs will no longer skip over audio frames that occur right after a PTS reset.
  • Change: Accept AC3 audio that have incorrectly formatted PES headers.
  • Change: Ctrl+X no longer exits. Use the Windows standard Alt+F4.
  • Change: If we get an "unknown error" while writing to the output file, show the Windows error code and text in the log file.
  • Change: Thumbnails, would redraw all TNs when cut list was changed.
  • Change: Audio will default to DirectSound.
  • Fix: Unable to capture first frame of the file as soon as the file was opened.
  • Fix: When opening a file, sometimes the 2nd frame would be displayed rather than the first.
  • Fix: Switching to Preview in scene mode while cursor was at "end marker" position would sometimes cause VideoReDo to hang in a loop.
  • Fix: DVR-MS input file where sequence header didn't start at the beginning of a packet had sync and seek issues.
  • Fix: Drawing of sliders and some text boxes on the main screen could be messed up if there were overlapping windows.
  • Fix: If adding multiple VPRJ files at one time to the joiner using using either drag or multiple file open, a "replace cut" message might be shown if VideoReDo is running in scene mode.
  • Fix: Saving AC3 5.1 to LPCM/WAV elementary stream (.WAV) would create a bad WAV header to be written in the output file.
  • Fix: Pressing ESC in the aduio sync adjustment window would prevent it from opening again until the next file open.
  • Fix: Back by single frame in preview mode would intermittently cause a jump to the beginning fo the file.
  • Fix: Closing a TIVO input file wouold not release the file handle until VideoReDo was terminated.
  • Fix: Estimated time remaining was incorrect when outputting via the joiner.
  • Fix: Output options dialog. Max GOP size was not displaying correctly on the initial display.
  • Fix: Thumnail audio graph wasn't displaying all audio data if the numbnail interval was greater than a single frame.
  • Fix: Audio adjustments, sync offset and volume, were being reset each time the dialog box displayed rather than being remembered.
  • Fix: AC3 with bit rates > 512Kbbps would cause a GPF when outputting to program stream or VOB.
  • Fix: AC3 Audio at 44.1Khz, some audio frame lengths were incorrectly calculated.
  • Fix: Dragging the mouse outside of a navigation button, while still having the mouse button pressed, would cause auto repeat to remain active for that button.
  • Fix: "Tip of the Day" and/or "Check for updates" will not be shown when running in silent mode.
  • Fix: GOP timecode was wrong at cut point if the cut was on an I-Frame.
  • Fix: VTS_01_10.vob would bbe omitted from auto combine (VLST) since we mistook it for VTS_01_0.vob.
  • Fix: COM function, SaveJoinerEx will return an error code rather than display a message box if the output file matches the input file.
  • Fix: For short transport stream files, handle end of file more gracefully while looking for program maps.
  • Fix: Repeat First field calculation for 720p progressive files was incorrect. Could cause removed frames or sync errors.
  • Fix: DTS was off at the start of a new cut or join if the previous cut ended on an I or P frame.
  • Fix: Remember window position if application is at window location 0,0.
  • Fix: When outputting MPEG1 files with 44.1KHz audio and changing the audio bitrate, the audio would be marked as 48Khz. This caused dropped frames and speedup of the video in the output file.
  • Fix: Resync logic would not remove video frames if there were no B-Frame in the buffer. Will now remove both B and P frames.
  • Fix: The count of video frames removed for sync adjustment were not being displayed in the output complete dialog.
  • Fix: PVA files had incorrect timecodes.
  • Fix: GOPs greater than 60 frames could cause a cut point to be rounded to the next GOP boundary.
  • Fix: Pressing Ctrl+C (capture frame) would leave navigation commands thinking the control key was pressed until any other key was pressed.
Version 2.1.0-401
  • Release Date: Sep 13, 2005
  • Fix: Ad Detective capability will disappear on August 1 due to inadvertent debugging statement left in the program.

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