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Version 2.525
  • Release Date: Sep 4, 2008
  • Compatibility with Windows Vista (SP1 included)
Version 2.524
  • Release Date: Dec 16, 2004
  • Changed: The formats for the project file and the template file have been changed. Therefore, project created with the new version cannot be used with older versions.
  • Added: [Project wizard (Step 4/5)]: in the media pull-down selection, DVD 8.5 GB (Double Layer) has been added, for the bitrate setting and size graph.
  • Changed: In the MPEG system multiplexer, the max. bitrate is written instead of the average bitrate for the multiplexing rate. It shortens the outputting process.
  • Improved: [MPEG Setting - GOP structure]: Even if Closed GOP is not selected, the GOP structure is now compliant with the MPEG standard.
  • Improved: Image quality for MPEG-1 with long-GOP, has been improved.
  • Improved: Encoding of scenes using still-image, has been improved.
  • Fixed: Errors related with encoding using multi-thread.
  • Improved: The encoding of MPEGs with GOP structure using only I and B pictures, has been improved.
  • Fixed: [Output to file - AVI file / WAVE file]: when clicking the Cancel button in the [Sound Selection] dialog, the dialog was shown again.
  • Fixed: [MPEG Setting - Quantize matrix]: if saving an existing template under a new name, it could not be deleted.
  • Fixed: [MPEG Setting - Quantize matrix]: if saving a template under no name, memory access violations occurred.
  • Fixed: When reading empty files (zero data), it could take a very long time to show the error message.
  • Fixed: AVI files created with TMPGEnc, when played with Windows Media Player could stop in the middle, with the message "Invalid file".
Version 2.521
  • Release Date: Sep 28, 2003
  • Improved: In the project wizzard, for the setting concerning the bitrate, the file size in MB will be shown instead of the duration for "CD-R 74min (VCD/SVCD)" and for"CD-R 80min (VCD/SVCD)".
  • Improved: When error occurs during "Prefetch Video", the details will be shown.
  • Improved: When using "DirectShow Multimedia Reader", from now on only Linear PCM, 8/16 bit, 1/2 will be accepted for the audio input.
  • Fixed: Problem occuring when using an external MP2/MP3 encoder. For certain settings, the CRC value or the error protection could be changed .
  • Fixed: When the audio was re-sampled in high quality mode, if the input was monoral, errors could occur.
  • Fixed: During the encoding, some "Drag and drop" files could be accepted from the Explorer.

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