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thilmera 7

thilmera 7 is a system monitor for Windows that displays the performance and status of your PC in a compact size in real time.
Language: English
Ease of use: Not Rated
Latest Version: 0b171 Rev.14 (details)
OS Support: Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10
License: Freeware, $USD0.00
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Download: thilmera7 (http - install & updater)   thilmera7 (http - install & updater)

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Description:download from developer site

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main window
main window
tcp udp report
tcp udp report
process report
process report
property window
property window


 A system monitor that compactly displays the usage, operating rate, and temperature of CPU, GPU, disk, memory, network, input/output sound, etc. in real time.
 By displaying various information in process units, what is causing the PC to be heavy now? You can visually understand how much the burden on your PC is now.
 As a desktop accessory, it has been evolving even now, even though some users have said that it is fun just to look at it.


Main Categories: Other

OS Compatibility:

Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10

License Details:

welcome donations and development support!

Revision History:

Version 0b171 Rev.14
  • Release Date: Jan 7, 2022
  • [version 0b171 Rev.14 / 2022/01/07] ● [Important] Exception handling of socket-related crash factors. ● [Important] Fixed a bug that crashes when Web data acquisition fails under certain conditions. ○ Tool window  Addition of settings for problems that are displayed on all virtual desktops.  If it is on, it will be displayed on all virtual desktops. (It is unknown whether the behavior was intended by the OS)  If it is off, it will be displayed individually like a normal window. ○ Sound analyzer  ・ Fixed that the spectrum was not updated from rev12.  ・ The display of each display item has been rearranged.  ・ Implementation of Circle1 and Sparkle on the main window in hardware drawing.  ・ Fixed a bug that the display is distorted when the sampling number is below a certain level in Circle2. ○ Tachometer  ・ Implemented display by hardware drawing.  ・ Added GPU tachometer. ○ Added the specification of latitude and longitude when acquiring the weather. ○ In the settings of thilmera7 and thilmera7_64, added the notation that it can be used in [7s] in the place of items with limited functions. ○ Added a setting that does not limit the number of characters in the process name for variable width fonts in the top process system. ○ Added WRAP (padding) to the wallpaper display pattern setting. ○ SNTP time synchronization  ・ Added an item to the setting that allows you to specify the millisecond of the margin of error that is not corrected.  ・ Since the notation "no set" is misunderstood as an error, it has been changed to something like "pass + -10ms under".
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