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Version 2.4
  • Release Date: Jul 3, 2006
  • Improvements to two-way IP control of TheaterTek. CQC and Cinemar should have drivers available to support this.
  • Latest nVidia decoders, build 223.
  • New network browsing. TheaterTek now scans all network resources for available network shares rather than relying on the Microsoft My Network Places icons, which were unreliable. As a result, a significant number of shared folders can appear for a larger network. To avoid this, if you want a network share to show up under the Network Icon on the TT file browser, you MUST place a dummy file called '' in the root of the network share. This identifies the share as containing files for TheaterTek.
  • Enhanced playlists and trailer capability. Trailers are defined by placing a playlist file called 'trailers.plt' in the Data folder inside TheaterTek. A new dropdown on the General tab allows you to specify when trailers are played back.
Version 2.3
  • Release Date: Apr 16, 2006
  • Automatic Aspect Ratio detection for DVD's for constant height users. On the General tab choose 'Smart' from the Auto Aspect Ratio detection dropdown. When you start playback on a new DVD, TT will briefly blank the screen when the main title is reached and calculate the AR. For this to work successfully, you need to define some new AR's corresponding to the calculated AR. For example, if you define an AR called "2.35:1", TT will select this AR if it detects the movie AR to be 2.35:1. Detected AR's are 1.66:1, 1.78:1, 1.85:1, 2.20:1, 2.35:1, 2.40:1 and 2.55:1. Define as many of these as appropriate for your environment.
  • Latest nVidia decoders, version 203, containing fixes, image quality and performance improvements.
  • Additional MCE remote features. The 'i' key on the remote will now bring up the Status bar for the current media. The Guide button will now bring up the File Browser. Note: By default TT nows disabled the MCE ehtray background process. This prevents the Green button or certain other keys from launching the MCE UI. If you do not want this to happen, change the registry key under TheaterTek for 'KillEHTray' to 0. There is also a 'VerifyExit' registry setting to avoid the prompt when pressing the browse back key on the MCE remote.
  • On the Video tab you can now choose to use the nVidia Demux instead of the Microsoft Demux for transport stream playback. The nVidia demux can do a better job on many ts files.
  • The buffer for transport stream playback has been increased so playback from DVD-R may well work better.
  • The mouse can now be permanently hidden by right clicking on the display. This acts like a toggle, so right-click again to bring it back. Note, this is remembered across launches of TT.
  • Resume/Auto resume is now supported for media files. i.e the U key will resume playback of a media file the next time you play it.
  • This version is 'stubbed' for VFD support, so LCDSmartie should be able to support TT 2.3 shortly.
  • UI enhancements. The time bar now acts as a shuttle for DVD playback to make it consistent with media files. The accuracy or granularity of the time bar has also been improved. There are many other subtle UI improvements across the app.
  • New hotkeys for AR and blanking adjustment. These make it very easy to make quick changes to the AR or blanking without using the AR editor. These are listed on the Hotkeys tab of the Config dialog.
  • The trial has been increased to 14 days.
  • Files that contain streams can have the stream selected either by the right-click context menu under streams, or on the Status UI bar by using down arrow when the file name is selected.
  • GraphEdit file support. This is probably the largest and most advanced feature in 2.3 and is intended for advanced users. You can now using the Microsoft tool called GraphEdit create a graph for the playback of any filetype assuming the appropriate codecs are installed. This file should then be saved using the namg convention 'file_extension.grf'. For example, if you create a graph for Matroska files, you'd name it mkv.grf. These files should be placed in the Data folder inside the TT folder. Whenever TT opens a .mkv file, it will use the pre-defined graph instead of trying to build this automatically. Graphs containg VMR9 will use the TT 'Fullscreen' implementation if this enabled.
  • This version also contains many performance improvements and general bug fixes.
Version 2.2.1
  • Release Date: Nov 4, 2005
  • Stuttering on playback should be resolved over the initial 2.2 release.
  • Transport stream playback should not suffer the very long load times when multiple parts are used.
  • dvr-ms files now correctly display the time bar length and support FF/RW
  • FF/RW is supported on any file type that supports it.
  • The File Types tab now has a checkbox next to each type to specify whether post processing is permitted for that type. This should make it easier for those that want to use FFDShow for DVD but not for HD material.
  • The file browser now supports directories with just one or two characters in the name.
  • The file browser now supports the mouse scroll wheel and Page Up/Down
Version 2.2
  • Release Date: Oct 16, 2005
  • Fixes:
    • Command line parsing should be much improved.
    • Aspect ratio settings were not always correctly remembered.
    • AutoKiller will only intercept DVD's and not other media.
    • Unplugging removal storage devices will not stop TheaterTek.
    • An assortment of other miscellaneous fixes.
    • WMV-HD files would sometimes not playback correctly.
  • New Features:
    • New nVidia decoders which are fully compatible with MCE 2005 Rollup 2
    • Updated WMV-HD library for compatibility with the latest WMV-HD titles.
    • Improved WMV-HD performance.
    • Improved scaling in VMR9 'Fullscreen' mode.
    • Support for several new file types including: Microsoft .dvr-ms files from MCE, NERO encoded mp4 files, .wpl Windows Media Playlists
    • FFDShow is now allowed for all file types excluding WMV-HD files. NOTE: If you currently use FFDShow you MUST prevent it from resizing high definition playback. To do this, change the Resize Always option in FFDShow's tab to set maximum X and Y image size properties. If you don't do this then you're unlikey to play HD files successfully.
    • New audio post-processing option. This is of primary benefit to those using analog output as various third party post-processors can now be used for effects such as room adjustments, frequency control.
    • New Media Browser. The Media Browser works in all modes including VMR9 exclusive mode to allow you to browse and open files. It's very intuitive and will even show cover-art if it detects graphic files associated with media. If you prefer the Windows file browser you can override this in the Configuration dialog. You can also define the file types the Media Browser recognizes in the File Types tab of the Configuration dialog to avoid sifting through irrelevant files.
    • On a new install, TheaterTek will now use the graphic card default color values until you override them. (If you already have defaults set, remove your color related registry values under HKLMTheaterTekTheaterTek DVD 2.0)
    • Mouse hiding: This has been improved further but setting the Mouse Timeout to 0 will completely disable the mouse unless you need to access the Configurstion dialog. This is perfect for remote control users.
    • iMon remote support. A new file for iMon users is in the Remote Control folder inside the TheaterTek folder.
    • The AR editor now supports time-sensitive acceleration when you're trying to use the resize arrows when defining a new aspect ratio.
    • New on-screen blanking editor to allow per-DVD adjustments of blanking. This is available on the Aspect Ratio menu both by right-clicking or selecting the AR menu on the top menu Status bar.
    • Lip sync is now adjustable on a per-DVD basis.
    • Aspect ratios can now be associated with different media types. So you can for example set an AR for transport stream or WMV-HD playback.
    • The nVidia decoder system tray is no longer disabled, although we recommend you DO NOT adjust values while TheaterTek is running as all features of the decoders can be accessed directly in TheaterTek.
    • New time bar. The new time bar has been re-designed to offer better visual feedback and provide significantly improved shuffling capabilities. Non-DVD media playback can now be shuffled with either a remote, the keyboard, or the mouse. For remote users, just bring up the time bar (Down arrow), then use left and right arrows to move among the media.
    • The Status top bar now works for all media types to give access to aspect ratio control. The DVD Status bar also now allows you to select the Title and Chapter nuggets and produces a scrollable drop-down menu for easy chapter selection. Naturally this all works in FullScreen mode.
    • The last top bar menu that was chosen is now remembered, so if you were adjustng color controls and the bar faded out out, bring the bar back up will take you right back to video adjustments.
    • There is a new command line option to start TheaterTek in windowed mode. /Fullscreen 0 will start TheaterTek in windowed mode.
    • The onscreen graphics are much more responsive to mouse or remote/keyboard commands.
    • The 'Back' arrow on the MCE remote is a way to exit out of TheaterTek via a prompt first.
    • TheaterTek no longer manipulates the anamorphic setting which caused MCE users problems when switching between TheaterTek and MCE TV functions.
    • Multi-channel WMA files are now supported.
Version 2.1.1
  • Release Date: Mar 8, 2005

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