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A fully featured Personal Video Recorder (PVR), allowing you to schedule TV recordings and view and pause live TV.
Language: English
Ease of use: Not Rated
Latest Version: 4.0.4 (details)
OS Support: Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7
License: Freeware
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Download: NPVRSetup_4_0_4_170723.exe   NPVRSetup_4_0_4_170723.exe

Description:Download GB-PVR
Version:4.0.4 (added Jul 23, 2017 - view changelog)
Size:34.08 MB

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NextPVR (formerly GB-PVR) is a fully featured Personal Video Recorder (PVR), allowing you to schedule TV recordings and view and pause live TV. In additional to this PVR functionality, it also acts as a media center allowing you to watch movies, listen to music, view pictures and listen to FM radio. GB-PVR also supports specialist hardware decoders including Sigma Designs XCard, Hauppauge PVR350 and Hauppauge MediaMVP. GB-PVR also supports multiple tuners, allowing you to record more multiple channels at one time.


OS Compatibility:

Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7

Revision History:

Version 4.0.4
  • Release Date: Jul 23, 2017
  • Download(s):
  • 4.0.4 available (23rd July)

    One of the bigger changes in this release is the introduction of a new NextPVR Reader/Demux component, rather than relying on the Microsoft Demux. This is a fairly substantial change. If you have problems with playback in the new release, you can tick the 'use legacy TS reader and Microsoft demux' checkbox to get back to the old components. I'd appreciate users posting feedback on issues with the new reader though, including logs, so I have a chance to look into these issues. When reporting these issues, it'd be useful to know if it effects live tv or recording playback, or both, and what decoders you're using. 

    As always, a big 'thank you' to those guys that have helped out with the testing and with the development of the web app! 

    - new NextPVR demux, for better control of audio/video playback, and improved support for LAV Video Decoder etc. This also improves performances how quickly video/audio appear when changing channels, or skipping during playback. 
    - added support for North American style closed captions with H.264 channels and recordings. 
    - much improved IPTV support, particularly with .m3u8 streams. For testers, if you're a NZ user, try importing '' - sorry, these are mostly geo-locked, so wont work for other areas.
    - failed IPTV recordings will now include a decent failure reason (to make it clear to user if stream was unavailable from their specified URL)
    - when importing IPTV channels from an .m3u playlist, you now have the opportunity to specify a xmltv guide URL. It'll do the mappings for any channels where the m3u 'tvg-id' matches the xmltv channel id. 
    - improved web player, so that seeking etc is possible. (still pretty basic, but better than it was)
    - added support for creating season directories while recording, so you get filenames paths like "C:RecordingsCSISeason 1CSI.S01E01.Best Of Times.ts". This feature can be enabled on the Settings->Recordings screen.
    - recording service wll now attempt to schedule an alternative recording of the same episode of any failed recordings, in scenarios like "recording service not running", "device failed to start", "zero bytes received from device". It'll prefer to use the same channel, but will fallback to others channel if the episode cant be found. 
    - if you add channels to a device, it'll now ask if you want to kick off an EPG Update
    - added support for show artwork in xmltv
    - added support for calling a PostLoadEPG.bat, just prior to scheduling the recurring recordings, allowing users to hook in EPG data manipulation prior to scheduling etc. 
    - now using DVB CRID for populating unique ID, to help reduce duplicate recordings for those using the DVB EPG
    - removed 'update DVB EPG during live tv' setting
    - using new TheTVDB API, so that artwork keeps working after the old API is turned off later this year
    - updated version of
    - improvements to teletext and dvb subtitles. 
    - changes to playback graphs to use a single audio decoder and audio renderer, to avoid long standing issue where some users would get stuttering in live tv. 
    - now able to double click a DRI channel to change its type between MPEG2/H.264. 
    - QAM / DRI / HDHR screens now more clearly identifying which channels are MPEG2 vs H.264
    - Picture Library now supports images that have been rotated 180 degrees (upside down). You may need to empty C:UsersPublicNPVRThumbs to refresh already cached thumbnails. 
    - added support for mouse wheel tilt for moving left/right
    - colored alt keys no longer generate default system beep when pressed
    - now using friendly dates like 'yesterday' / 'today' / 'tomorrow' in most screens where dates need to be shown. 
    - new and improved SAT>IP device detection
    - added Mute/UnMute context menu options. 
    - added ability to archive group of ready recordings, using new 'Archive' item in top menu
    - added archive top level button in metadata screens (for use with Recordings screen)
    - double clicking video during live tv or video playback will toggle fullscreen mode
    - Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio Decoder now useable for HE-AAC and AAC. 
    - logging HDHR driver settings, to help identify selected 'Application' etc, since these are commonly asked support questions. 
    - updated NEWA - thanks UJB!
    - fixed scenario where Micrsoft DTV-DVD video decoder would sometimes not hook up correctly for MPEG2.
    - fixed issue that could cause the wrong aspect ratio for 4:3 channels in web and iOS applications.
    - fixed issue that would cause plugins to not be loaded when using the 'Settings' shortcut from the tray app
    - fixed issue where some analog tuners wouldn't start on the correct composite/svideo input until changing to another input and back
    - fixed crash that could happen in 'bulk map' screen.
    - fixed issue where channel could end up with no DVB EPG listings when multiple duplicate channels are transmitted on differ frequencies
    - fixed issue where "Conflict Alternative Airing" recordings would ignore specified directory 
    - fixed issue that could occur at times with default show selection in TV Guide. 
    - fixed issue with movie rating info not being loaded correctly from Schedules Direct. 
    - fixed issue where back-to-back recordings would sometimes reflect the post-padding time as the end-time for the recording, even though it stopped writing to the file at the end of the show, and switched to another frequency (no padding)
    - fixed issue that was stopping video playback in Edge browser. 
    - fixed issue with live tv timeline graphic beyond 30 minutes mark
    - fixed issue with using AverMedia C985 HDMI capture devices. 
    - fixed a bug with pid mapping that could cause recordings to stop growing after second PMT update. (effecting HDHomeRUN via BDA, and SAT>IP devices). This may also fix the reason the HDHomeRun driver application needed to set to a profil other than 'NextPVR'.
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