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This is the version history page for DVD Profiler, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


Version 3.8.2 Build 1542
  • Release Date: Dec 8, 2012
  • Enhancements in version 3.8.2
    • Several stability and performance improvements to mobile device remote updates
    • Local files (such as trailers) may be drag/dropped into the My Links editor
    • "My Links" may now be browsed from a remote copy of DVD Profiler
    • Performance improvements in the profile update process
  • Bug fixes in version 3.8.2
    • Fixed: The program creates an empty My Documents\DVD Profiler folder regardless of settings
    • Fixed: Display problems with certain audio track report formats
    • Changed default location for backup files and XML exports from C:\ to the user's Documents folder
    • Fixed: Error after using spacebar to select last shown entry in the Add by Title list
    • Fixed: Loading database results in blank flag selection shown for first entry
    • Adjusted tab order on the DVD Edit, General tab
    • Backups no longer fail due to corrupt cast/crew images
Version 3.8.1 Build 1535
  • Release Date: Jun 27, 2012
  • Enhancements in version 3.8.1
    • Added support for many more countries of origin
    • The COO list in the filters panel now shows only the COOs currently in the local collection
    • Color drop-down has been changed to checkboxes, including the filter on color
    • Anamorphic and Blu-ray 3D checkboxes now enabled for custom media types
    • Added search button to credit info interface (web search, image search, and IMDB)
    • In credit info window, added sorts by review and last watched
    • Display fields in the general info section will show hints if they are being cropped
    • The 'Similar Titles Found' warning in Add DVDs now has three settings. Right-click to change
    • All 3-way checkboxes in the filters panel can now be set to off by shift-clicking
    • Added additional messaging to the sharing setup and mobile device setup regarding enabling remote changes
    • Added tooltip hint for CTRL+Enter on the profile comparison screen
  • Bug fixes in version 3.8.1
    • Several translation fixes
    • Fixed: Edit Users->Loans->Change Due Date->Edit Users = error
    • Fixed: Incorrect display of disc info with side B data in the profile update comparison
    • Fixed: Visiting comparison window reselects the image refresh checkboxes if they're not locked
    • Fixed: Changes to genre aren't immediately reflected in collection list after an edit.
    • In Tools->Edit Users, "Gifts Received:" count is now visible
    • Fixed: Amazon button in Add DVD by title shows error when clicked with an empty filtered list
    • Fixed: Adding by title manually should show the DVD edit window, not the personalize window
    • Corrected typos in the Mobile Synchronize window
    • Fixed: Ratings sometimes display incorrectly in the Add DVDs list
    • Removed 'Add Random DVDs' button from the Add DVDs interface
    • Fixed: The SRP lock button in DVD Edit doesn't function correctly
    • Fixed: Changing the drive the in the change upc dialog doesn't refresh the disc id
    • Fixed: Auto-lock when region changed not working
    • Fixed: CTRL+UP/DN on crew not working right (moves focus 2 spots)
    • Fixed: Production year descending sort is wrong in add by title
    • Fixed: "Gift From" displays incorrectly with ampersands
    • Fixed: OK/Cancel tab order on image comparison reversed
    • Fixed: Deleting users gives no warning when gifts were received from that user
    • Fixed: Error message displayed while updating from iPhone/iPad in some cases
    • Profile comparison now shows SRP denomination and rating system
Version 3.8.0 Build 1509
  • Release Date: Jun 8, 2012
  • Please refer to the release notes for a full list of changes
Version 3.7.2
  • Release Date: Feb 6, 2011
  • Fixed: DVDs marked as returned in iOS sometimes shown as loaned after sync
  • Fixed: Very large (5000+) collections synchronize slowly or not at all
  • Fixed: Ratings not shown on reports
Version 3.6.1
  • Release Date: Apr 5, 2010
  • Corrected possible access violation in DVD->Edit via the Move Down button
  • Added optional printing methods to address missing images in reports, acessible from the print dialog; also changed default printing method
  • Fixed: Sort options in credit info window not working
  • Addressed hang experienced by some users when creating a new database
  • Corrected performance issue in Personalize with very large collections
  • Fixed: On Add DVD->by Disc ID, the Alternates window list keeps growing with the same entries being duplicated.
  • Swapping column order of cast name/role causes display issue of credited as
  • Unflag during contribution not working for localities outside the US
  • Fixed program crash at start experienced by some users
  • Connection closed gracefully should be trapped (everywhere? in dpo synch?)
  • Layout HTML doesn't show voice flag if there's no role set
  • Sorts incorrect in welcome page loaned list (date in particular)
  • Fixed: Review is not saved via DVD->Edit when it is the only change
  • Fixed: Copy crew section stops copying when it reaches a group divider
  • In Add DVD window, the similar title detection now works with custom collection types
  • Moved help to web-based help to facilitate updates (currently unchanged content from 3.5.1)
  • Default odd collection types to owned, in collection read, dvd read, and collection type totals
  • Fixed: Collection number in use displayed in some cases when it shouldn't be
  • Fixed: Chart for Video Review showing Entire Review
  • Fixed: Movie Pick selection for last watched is not filtering correctly
  • Fixed: Movie Pick matching count not updated when an audience member is deselected
  • Fixed: Setting exclusions via right-click did not trigger the upload during the next DPO synchronize
  • Corrected error synching mobile when a custom collection type used the blank image
Version 3.5.1
  • Release Date: Dec 30, 2008
  • Please refer to this page for a list of what's new
Version 3.0.2
  • Release Date: Mar 31, 2007
Version 1.1.0
  • Release Date: May 19, 2001

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