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This is the version history page for DVDPlanner, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


  • Release Date: Nov 21, 2006
  • Fix: Single frame mpv files would go into a forever loop when added to a segment, and an error would occur in the trackviewer.
  • Fix: If file indexing had been previously run, it wasn't being correctly loaded when the file was selected at a later time
  • Fix: Better handling for seamless flags. Everytime a cell is added/removed all flags are verified to confirm seamless ability
  • Fix: The last slide did not have a chapter point set when assigning chapters
  • Fix: Chapters for slides were generally not being calculated correctly
  • Fix: ExtendAudioSlide flag was not being saved to a dpp file
  • Fix: PCM buffer handling was incorrect (the 7 header bytes of each pack were not being accounted for in the buffer)
  • Fix: Only AC3 streams with BitstreamID of 6 or 8 were allowed, it should have been any ID <=8. This was the cause of some corrupted VOBs
  • Fix: When a script file was loaded, adding a new audio stream would have resulted in a crash
  • Add: Added the ability to have seamless joints between vobids (PRO build only)
  • Add: The region codes can now be set
  • Add: Auto Chapter creation can now be set, along with the chapter lengths, or in a slideshow, a new chapter at each slide
  • Add: ExtendFinalSubtitle flag is now available. This will force the final subtitle & highlight to the CELL_END.
  • Change: Removed the options menu and replaced with a new settings tab
  • Release Date: Oct 24, 2006
  • Fix: Critical Fix to DTS streams in the final VOBU (DVDPlanner would go into a forever loop!)
  • Fix: A wizard project saved would incorrectly name the first track scene (if no chapter file imported). Reimporting the dpp would show incorrect layout
  • Fix: Seq_End_code setting in ini was not respected
  • Fix: If there were I frames with seq_end_code in the middle of a video stream buffer under/over flows resulted
    • if seq_end_code is kept then a 12/15 frame VOBU is created at this timestamp
    • if seq_end_code is removed then the I frame will be treated as 1 frame - so buffer under/over flows can still happen
  • Fix: Dummy Root and Title menus were still selectable on the remote
  • Fix: If a subtitle BMP was oversized, then it was not cropped correctly to respect the maximum subpicture size allowed
  • Fix: CallSS command was setting Resume to 0 in the wizard
  • Fix: When an audio stream was removed, and a new one put in its place - this new stream would not get muxed
  • Fix: The very final pack for PCM Audio did not have the correct padding bytes and syntax
  • Fix: 96kHz PCM could have the emphasis flag set (only 48kHz allows this flag)
  • Fix: Any combination of PCM data was accepted - a check is now made to ensure DVD conformity
  • Fix: PCM Audio packetizing was incorrect resulting in multiple errors if more than 2ch
  • Fix: Audio Buffers were incorrectly initialised
  • Fix: If an audio stream was removed then Audio Offset data was still written to the Nav Pk
  • Add: Both types of DTS are now available - this is padded and non-padded (sometimes has the .cpt extension so this is now available also)
  • Change: If only DTS audio is present then you now have the option of continuing with mux anyway -> non-standard DVD
  • Change: If AC3 bitrate exceeds 448Kbps then you now have the option of continuing the mux -> non-standard DVD
  • Change: If PCM bitrate exceeds maximum allowed (depends on # channels) then option of continuing mux (which will probably fail) -> non-standard DVD
  • Change: Changed the progress bars to smooth scrolling
  • Change: Removed '62:None' from the subtitle VM command generator - not sure on the legality of this. '63:Forced' replaced with '63:Dummy'
  • Change: Changed the wording 'Remove Selected Item' from the drop-down menus to 'Delete Selected Item' to avoid confusion with 'Rename Selected Item'
  • Change: Video types that are supported are now explicitly shown in the openDialog
  • Release Date: Oct 3, 2006
  • Fix:For maximum compatability a root menu PGC is always created (which can be occasionally a blank dummy). This was selectable from the remote causing a crash
  • Fix:TitleMenu PGCs (in the VMG) were not selectable from the remote.
Version 0.1.6
  • Release Date: May 10, 2006
  • Fix:
    • If a source was 4:3PS and 'Both PanScan and Letterbox' was set as display mode then the letterbox substream was not written to the PGC
    • If the audio finished before the video there was a chance that additional empty audio packs could be written
    • If a subtitle stream had been removed with a specific ID and had been added to a PGC, adding another segment with the same ID but different attributes would not have been allowed
    • If the same audio file was opened more than once, although streams 2+ were muxed the data was corrupt

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