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  • Release Date: Sep 10, 2011
  • ADD: DXVA re-initialization when device is lost
  • FIX: Catch samples that don't get properly released by EVR
  • FIX: Overflow in high bit depth weighted prediction
  • FIX: Bug in 10-bit SSE2 IDCT
  • FIX: Missing YV12 bitdepth caused misaligned blits from i010/i009 formats
  • FIX: Don't use NV12 for connection if it's disabled and DXVA is unavailable
  • CHG: Use "DXVA" FourCC for NV12 subtype when it's used for DXVA connections
  • CHG: Reduce CPU usage while polling for DXVA completion
  • CHG: Reinitialize decoder context on input pin disconnection
  • CHG: Force low latency mode when graph is paused
  • Release Date: Sep 8, 2011
  • ADD: 9 bit support
  • ADD: 10 bit support
  • ADD: DXVA fallback to software
  • ADD: Intel Media SDK Support (DXVA2)
  • ADD: Intel GMA Support (DXVA2)
  • ADD: 10 bit output format (P010)
  • ADD: 16 bit output format (P016)
  • ADD: Directshow dithering when filter output is downsampled
  • ADD: Improved DXVA handling for interlaced streams
  • ADD: Colorspace conversion from 10 bit formats to 8 bit formats
  • ADD: DXVA 2 Long slice support
  • ADD: Initial 4:4:4 integration (No decode support yet)
  • ADD: New assembly engine
  • ADD: New assembly IDCT
  • ADD: New assembly motion compensation
  • ADD: New assembly inter-prediction
  • ADD: New assembly weighted prediction
  • ADD: New assembly 9-bit
  • ADD: New assembly 10-bit
  • ADD: Improved assembly 8 bit performance
  • CHG: Use container AR when there is no stream AR
  • FIX: Improved Frame order handling
  • FIX: Hardware deinterlacing field order
  • CHG: DXVA increase max buffers
  • CHG: Sanitize sample stop times for buggy splitters, for hardware deinterlacing compatibility
  • FIX: Better recovery point handling, reduces artifacts for poorly cut streams
  • SDK: Updated xcode support for iOS and OS X
  • SDK: Improved APIs
  • SDK: Fix: Missing APIs
  • SDK: Initial support for MVC (CoreMVC) integration
  • Release Date: Sep 7, 2011
  • FIX: Installer uses 32-bit filter for post-install configuration
  • FIX: SPS/PPS identification regression
  • CHG: DXVA increase max buffers
  • CHG: Sanitize sample stop times for buggy splitters, for hardware deinterlacing compatibility
  • FIX: Better recovery point handling, reduces artifacts for poorly cut streams
  • Release Date: Sep 4, 2011
  • ADD: DXVA fallback to software
  • ADD: Improved DXVA handling for interlaced streams
  • ADD: DXVA 2 Long slice support
  • CHG: Use container AR when there is no stream AR
  • FIX: Improved Frame order handling
  • FIX: Hardware deinterlacing field order
  • Release Date: Apr 27, 2011
  • FIX: Clean reference lists when seeking to a SEI recovery point
  • FIX: matrix ordering for buggy ATI DXVA implementation
  • FIX: non-transposed matrices for NVIDIA DXVA mode
  • FIX: validate GPU type, driver version and stream parameters before using DXVA
  • Release Date: Mar 29, 2011
  • FIX: Windows Media Player seeking with MKV
  • FIX: MediaPortal crashing
  • FIX: Graphstudio crashing
  • Release Date: Mar 27, 2011
  • ADD: DXVA1 support (with red tray icon)
  • ADD: DXVA2 support (with red tray icon)
  • ADD: new x64 blit asm code (unified with x86)
  • FIX: SPS memory leaks
  • FIX: Properly support SPS resolution changes (soft/cuda decoding)
  • FIX: Bug in YUV->YUV blit code
  • CHG: Unify x86 and x64 CUDA asm code
  • CHG: Unify x86 and x64 AVC asm code, enabling SSE2/SSE3/SSSE3/SSE4 for x64
  • CHG: Increase max supported resolution (approx 8100x8100)
  • CHG: Refactor directshow frontend code
  • CHG: Modify CUDA locking method
  • CHG: Rearrange/enlarge settings dialog
  • OEM: YASM padding bug for OSX target
  • OEM: Android support added to SDK
  • Release Date: Dec 20, 2009
  • ADD: Initial support for Windows 7
  • ADD: Support for Windows Media Center (in .MKV)
  • ADD: Custom fourcc to match the Haali splitter
  • ADD: Support for Non-Compliant Motion Vectors (MV)
  • ADD: mmx optimizations
  • ADD: mmx2 optimizations
  • ADD: sse optimizations
  • ADD: sse2 optimizations
  • ADD: sse3 optimizations
  • ADD: ssse3 optimizations (almost 70)
  • ADD: sse4 optimizations
  • ADD: faster handling of pure-DC chroma blocks
  • ADD: new x86 cpu caps
  • ADD: Multi-dupe weightp (+Future x264 changes)
  • ADD: 64bit support
  • FIX: Fix potential failure in CABAC MVD decoding.
  • FIX: Proper alignment intrinsics for MSVC and GCC.
  • FIX: AVC SEI+userdata fix
  • FIX: Focus bug in Windows Media Center that disabled CUDA
  • FIX: Better frame re-ordering on difficult streams
  • CHG: Supports 16 CPU Cores (was 4 cores max)
  • CHG: Support for QuadHD resolutions(4096×4096)
  • CHG: New dc_add
  • CHG: Faster CAVLC
  • CHG: Faster CABAC
  • CHG: Faster Deblocking (Massive deblocking overhaul)
  • CHG: SSSE3: Faster Motion Compensation (20% faster on Core 2 Conroe and more for Penryn)
  • CHG: New CoreNumber for 2.0
  • CHG: Initial support for CoreAccount. Linking purchase+account
  • CHG: Integrated the Haali splitter into the installer
  • CHG: New installer supports both 32/64 bit Operating Systems
  • CHG: Filter compiled against ICC (2% speed increase for modern Intel Processors)
  • CHG: Updated IDCT to support ARM NEON Cortex A8 Support
  • CHG: Updated Blitter YUV/RGB for ARM NEON Cortex A8 Support
  • OEM: Initial ARM NEON Cortex A8 Support (iPhone, Touch, Linux, Windows Mobile)
  • OEM: SDK NVIDIA CUDA 2.3 support
  • OEM: Removed the windows direct3d requirement for CUDA (it can now be native)
  • OEM: Updated GStreamer plug-in


  • Haali Media Splitter (20091112)
    • ADD: Official 64bit support
    • ADD: Official support for Windows 7
    • ADD: Custom fourcc option for windows 7
    • ADD: Silent install flags for each install option
    • CHG: Disabled explorer thumbnail support (off by default)
  • Haali Media Splitter supports the following command line options:
    • /S - silent install without any UI
    • /MKVONLY - register only Matroska components
    • /AVI=[yes|no] - register AVI support
    • /MP4=[yes|no] - register MP4 support
    • /OGG=[yes|no] - register OGG/OGM support
    • /TS=[yes|no] - register MPEG TS support
    • /PS=[yes|no] - register MPEG PS support
    • /WMP=[yes|no] - register WMP to play in Windows 7
  • Release Date: Mar 18, 2009
  • Add: NVIDIA CUDA accelerated decoding for interlaced streams (MBAFF and PAFF)
  • Add: Input stream colorspace override options
  • Fix: CUDA matrix handling and DPB management improvements
  • Fix: SEI messages were sometimes discarded
  • Fix: Seeking problems with Canon HF100 streams
  • Fix: Use faster asynchronous memory transfers between CPUGPU for CUDA
  • Release Date: Feb 11, 2009
  • Add: NVIDIA CUDA accelerated video decoding (Thanks NVIDIA!!!)
  • Add: NVIDIA CUDA detection to installer
  • Add: Tray icon showing NVIDIA CUDA state (green=in use, blue=not in use)
  • Add: Tray icon mouse over shows 32bit/64bit states
  • Add: Initial installer changes for 32/64bit - Add: Updated Haali Media Splitter
  • Fix: Focus bug related to MCE - Fix: Focus prevention when the tray icon is off
  • Fix: Improve seeking on frames with one IDR frame
  • Fix: Various small bugs
  • Release Date: Oct 18, 2008
  • Add: NV12 output
  • Add: Option to disable/enable system tray icon
  • Add: Filter is registered with preferred priority
  • Fix: Proper seeking for streams with one IDR frame
  • Fix: Decoder priority adjustable by limited user accounts
  • Fix: Fix weighted prediction with MBAFF
  • Fix: Options dialog wrong size with large fonts
  • Fix: Fixed output format priority saving
  • Fix: Improved dynamic reconnection
  • Fix: Explicitly reject streams with unsupported resolutions
  • Fix: Tray Icon stability
  • Fix: Fix Force VMR AR correction function
  • Fix: Help tab text highlight bug
  • Release Date: Sep 2, 2008
  • Add: About tab
  • Add: Help tab (describing filter options)
  • Add: Picture levels adjustment tab
  • Add: System Tray icon
  • Add: Support for AVC Lossless 4:2:0
  • Add: Support for new standard aspect ratios
  • Fix: Rearranged options tab
  • Fix: Renamed Blend deinterlace to Single Field
  • Fix: Fix Bob deinterlacing with Matroska files
  • Fix: Fixed Aggressive Deinterlace function
  • Fix: Better recovery point handling
  • Fix: Improved filter stability
  • Release Date: Apr 17, 2008
  • Add: Support for Mainconcept and ArcSoft demuxers.
  • Add: Workaround for broken DirectShowSource in AviSynth
  • Add: Installer improved
  • Add: Better multiple CPUs/Cores balance
  • Fix: Others internal fixes
  • Release Date: Jan 31, 2008
  • Add: Ignore past display order frame when invalid
  • Add: Disable deblocking option for slower computers
  • Add: Support for MV out of specs (fix artifacts for buggy files)
  • Fix: Green frames display with incomplete frames
  • Fix: Some minor improvements with DVB Viewer
  • Fix: Deinterlacing fixes with internal bob
  • Fix: Settings dialog glitchs
  • Fix: Renamed Weave deinterlacing to "None (Weave)" to avoid confusion
  • Fix: Others internal fixes
  • Release Date: Oct 31, 2007
  • Add: Rewrite of the DirectShow wrapper for better compability
  • Add: Option to override other h.264/AVC decoders (Merit change)
  • Add: Rewrite of the configuration dialog to be cleaner
  • Add: RGB656 and RGB555 Output format support
  • Fix: Resizing problems with MediaPortal's TS Reader filter
  • Fix: Small others fixes
  • Release Date: Aug 28, 2007
  • These new versions feature a brand new installer that eliminates the need for online authentication and fixes the Windows Vista issues that some of our users had been experiencing.
  • Release Date: Jul 30, 2007
  • Add: Input and output YUV Levels can now be specified separately
  • Add: An option to treat frames as interlaced when any AVC interlace coding options are used (fixes a problem with some broadcast streams that are not deinterlaced properly)
  • Add: An option to always crop 1088 video to 1080 lines (enabled by default)
  • Add: Recovery point SEIs are now properly handled when IDR frames are not available
  • Fix: AR changes mid-stream are now detected and sent downstream (fixes playback of anamorphic AVI files)
  • Fix: Improved keyframe detection (fixes seeking and playback in some transport stream files)
  • Fix: Deblocking with extreme settings fixed
  • Fix: VMR deinterlacing (interlaced YV12 output does not work properly with VMR9, we now use YUY2 in that case)
  • Fix: Various (non-public) stream bugs reported by our OEM customers
  • Fix: Colorspace selection during output format changes.
  • OEM: Documentation on the related CorePlayer Colorspace Conversion
  • OEM: Documentation for custom IPropertyBag interface
  • OEM: Documentation for SDK toolkit and Demo toolkit
  • OEM: Release of OS X Universal Binaries
  • Release Date: Nov 17, 2006
  • Fix: Interlaced decoding
  • Fix: Interlaced reference b-frame
  • Fix: Mbaff & paff combination
  • Fix: Mbaff deblocking
  • Fix: Multiple multithreading issues
  • Fix: Directshow: Changed property pages to IPropertyBag (internal change, the only user visible effect is the page works from remote graphedit now)
  • Fix: Directshow: Issue when video format changes on the fly (dshow, happens on some files)
  • Fix: Directshow: Improperly initialized output sample length (dhow/internal, coreavc output can now be properly muxed to avi, etc)
  • Fix: Directshow: Windows Media Center (MCE) Freezing
  • Fix: Splitter:
    • [Matroska] Fixed a compatibility issue with files having BlockDuration inside a laced BlockGroup (those were produced by mkvmerge around v0.6).
    • [TS] Fixed a serious bug in mpeg-ts parser that discarded valid audio frames.
    • [General] Various small splitter bugfixes and improvements. Added support for cuesheets and subtitles to dsmux (requires Gabest's Subtitle Source filter). Added an option to disable error messages, the splitter will silently fail on invalid/unsupported files. Thumbnails are now extracted in a separate process, so buggy codecs should no longer affect the host application.
    • [Matroska] Much improved mkv2vfr utility now handles AVC video and correctly writes AVI files larger than 2GB, it is now included in the splitter package.
    • [OGM] Added support for a couple of other ancient versions of the format.
    • [DXR] A couple of bugfixes.
  • Fix: Splitter: [General] Muxer fixes and improvements. Renderer bugfixes and improvements. Added an MPEG-TS splitter. Fixed some issues with ACM Wrapper. Other splitter bugfixes.
  • Fix: Splitter: [Avi] Set track language to undetermined. [MP4] Use proper timescale for elst records. Added a simple MP4 muxer. [General] Muxer improvements, video renderer bugfixes and improvements.
  • Fix: Various smaller bugs from the bugtracker
  • Add: Official Multi-monitor support
  • Add: Initial CoreNumber registration
  • Add: Username for corenumber is now shown in about dialog
  • Add: New CoreAVC logo in the installer and filter properties
  • Release Date: Jun 10, 2006
  • MBAFF addition to CoreAVC Professional Edition
  • PAFF frames in MBAFF
  • New Haali Media Splitter with full MPEG TS stream support
  • Deblocking options
  • Software deinterlacing options
  • Various bug fixes
Version 1.0
  • Release Date: Apr 2, 2006

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