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This is the version history page for avsFilmCutter, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


Version beta
  • Release Date: Jul 28, 2007
  • New:
    • For the video editor, two new items in the row button menu, Jump to Start Frame and Jump to End Frame. Another great idea from a user, thanks towtruck, aka Andy
    • Clip preview / edit dialog allows you to trim or extend the clips frames in a seperate pop up window, more from Andy.
    • In the main window menu you will find "Compression dialog" this will show the same video and audio codexs installed on your computer. The ability to save an *.avi should come soon.
    • avsFilmCutter released under an OpenSource license.
    • Huge bug in my method of reducing memory leaks when using AviSynth API. Some users would experience sudden program termination when switching to a viewer. Fizick, IanB
    • Script syntax or AviSynth error should prevent loading the video display. Error text displayed in Test box, last error retained see AviSynth Options | Display AviSynth Version
    • Loading Script with an error directly using media viewer terminated FilmCutter after reporting error.
    • When using the function lookup in AviSynth documentation feature with the path to the documentation incorrect, the SafeString update and pointer audits broke this. Only a new user or new installations would ever see this. If you did see it you had trouble. List of outcomes is very long.
    • Found the cause of encoder dialog window title haveing the encoder path almost off the page.
    • FilmCutter has had a string white space stripping ghost for sometime. Exercised one in the function parameter parser in mydlg.h
    • Encoding interface code had a few unintentional message boxes, sorry.
    • For those that edit using projects, if you had occasion to use the tabs on the editor they should work ASAP instead of waiting for the mouse to move.
    • Alpha video window poped a message box when closed
    • An illegal resourse assignment has been fixed 98 & ME and nt4 users, sorry I didn't know, rejoyce.(IanB)
    • Another issue with dynamic memory allocation resolved in the video interface.(IanB)
    • FilmCutter would choke on a corrupted ini file and loop endlessly.
    • Dialog bug in alpha 1 options dialog help button opens lots of help windows. Wow!
    • Ever wonder what your screen saver keeps coming back. You turn it off, it comes back. Oops, FilmCutter can disable screen saver and power saver settins but always restores them. If now checks the states and preserves your system settings.
    • Play was activate-able without a loaded video.
    • Script writing options dialog proc had some window errors.
    • Video scene editors time display could become inaccurate. Or sink the ship.
    • Found another divide by zero (they still crash). Syntax error could cause framerate to be zero. Total time amd scene time function go poof.
    • More pointers to buffers corralled up so the memory associated can be reused or Released.
    • Moved many local variable definition statements out of conditional branches in WinMain with much care taken to make sure that memory allocated is reused not recreated.
    • FilmCutter would warn the user about needing SciLexer.dll and then go on to crash. FilmCutter now warns the user then terminate gracefully.
    • If the video viewer was in play mode when the user exited FilmCutter the system values for the following items remained false. Oops! SETSCREENSAVEACTIVE SETPOWEROFFACTIVE FilmCutter how issues a play stop command before exit, which changes the values to true.
    • If you change the file filtering in the file saves / open dialogs FilmCutter remembers your last file type, i.e. *.txt, *.avs. Believe it or not that is not automatic.
    • While bug hunting the parameter help dialog I added code to prevent parameter strings from exceeding 260 characters (max path length).
    • Some very old code died today, the checkstate of a hidden button is kind of unreliable. Because, you can not check it till it changes and windows will change it when it wants to. () Changed the way preview with script editor updates. If, when the user press F4 or clicks the update button, an error occurs the error (likely syntax) will display and the update will not be done. Current frame and state shall remain. () Small changes to the source / project switching. Scene list remains active but the row buttons become disabled when project radio button is selected.
    • Finally remembered to put the max and restore things on the main menu list so you can maximize the window while using the video scene editor without having to be all tricky back though the script editor menu.
    • Rearranged the scene editor view / mode. Added a scene preview button, added the third window to "mutli-frame editor". Big rewrite to the video veiw code, also changed trackbar style to move frame# tool-tip to above frame slider.
    • Changed the way the source / project radio buttons work. FilmCutter will prompt you if it needs the project data saved.
    • The AviSynth interface has been completely rewritten. Along with his help to resolve a nasty crash issue I introduced, Ian Brabham's generous code contribution to FilmCutter gives it vastly improved error handling capabilities. Ian added three Safe AviSynth functions that simplify and standardize error trapping and reporting. See "AviSynth Error Reporting" in the user's guide.
    • The "filmcutter.ini" file write routine has been completly rewritten. A little faster I hope, much simpler.
    • Added the code needed for the save wave function to be able to read wave format WaveFormatExtensible when the format is used in AviSynth.
Version alpha 3
  • Release Date: Jul 22, 2007
  • Please refer to this page for a full list of changes
Version alpha 2
  • Release Date: Jun 26, 2007
  • Please refer to this page for a full list of changes
Version beta
  • Release Date: May 31, 2007
  • New:
    • Tooltip enable/disable moved to Options (old preference) dialog page, this dialog page has tooltips itself.
    • Script editor line numbers are now an option on the options dialog page.
    • You may comment out large blocks in code with one click of the mouse.See the "#" on the toolbar "Shift+Ctrl+#". Or just the line the cursor is on.
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed: wrong font on start-up "sizeof(font string pointer) truncated font string. duh!"
    • Fixed: save "Yes" on exit cancelled instead, same sizeof(pointer) issue as above.
    • Fixed: alpha.txt detection broken
    • Fixed: A line to code that set the undo savepoint for the editor was nested with the button enable code for the video scene editor.When viewing the project or source scripts with the editor the modification flags become set by loading and then reloading the other script component.
    • Fixed: The scene editors frames to time calculator had been fixed by code which broke it.
    • Fixed: Script loading routines for switching to video scene editor had not been updated to reflect the video data rewrite in the last release.This caused a large error between shown frame and displayed frame number, but not always.
  • Changes:
    • avsGetInfo() AviSynth error detection tune up.Wordy errors were likely to crash."Time format" and "hr not, file error" dialog generation on script error have beentrapped to prevent redundant information being transmitted to the user.
    • AviSynth version string cleanup on error
    • Preferences are how options, tooltip controls move to options dialog.
    • Saw an occasion here a external software validation tool complained becauseavsFilmCutter did not have a vendor name.The birth of "ebobSoft".
    • Changing syntax highlighting with and empty script editor and a clipboard thatwasn't empty sometimes got you a non empty script editor. Not anymore.
    • Moved syntax highlighting to the Options dialog
    • The conversion of FilmCutter's string handling to the SafeString versions of thefunctions is 100%.FilmCutter should be more stable now.
    • Changes to the Media Viewer mode F8, script output properties.
    • Changes to project loading error checking, before a load could crash on sourcescript syntax errors.
Version beta
  • Release Date: Apr 6, 2007
  • Scintilla edit control replaces the script editor(10/06/06). Sort of a simple implementation, no folding.
    • Self contained syntax highlighting in the text editor.
    • Filter Function auto complete thing, type a functions name you will see.
  • Toolbar type buttons at the top of the script editor window.
  • Tool tips for buttons and windows should make FC easier to use. Three levels of tool tips which you can disable.
    • Newbie
    • Normal
    • Advanced.
  • Save individual audio channels as individual wave files in a single pass.
  • If you tell windows to open your .avs files in FilmCutter, FilmCutter will do it and switch to the text editor view if it was not the last view used.
  • There is finally a formal license and terms of use statement (see the list in the about box), some other junk too.
  • Drag and drop working for files, you can select and drag text around inside FilmCutter's editor and out to another application, but not into it from another application. New domain:
  • Release Date: Sep 19, 2006
  • When switching from script editor to video scene editor with the source script unsaved, FilmCutter would warn you but not cancel the switch when you clicked on the cancel button.Thanks Fizick for the bug report.Fixed
  • Fixed missing video window resize call when changing aspect ratio while using media viewer.
  • Save Script would reassign displayed source file name if Save Script was used following a use of the Paste File Name function in the script editor menu.
  • Tool button 1 was disabled when viewing a projects output script as opposed to the source script.
  • If, (why you might want to preview nothing ???) but if you did, the program would terminate abruptly after complaining.FilmCutter how lets you do that.
  • Keyboard shortcut keys for frame navigation didn't refresh the status bar. Does now.
  • There is something in the wave file spec that talks of even byte files, OK.
  • The save wave dialog shows data about the save.
  • You may pause or cancel the save wave thing.
  • More fixes to the old video interface related to the new interface.This time the subject who focus, focus, who got the focus.
  • default video render is now default video render instead of vmr7 and I have been all over the direct show interface in general note the media viewer mode have a new time interface
  • Video preview of a script from the script editor now disables the navigation to other modes of use.The scene editor and media viewer modes/views are not available while using the script editors preview feature.This should reduce the confusion about how FilmCutter works.
  • The syntax highlighting function returns having been refined a little and the issues related incorrect edit control painting have been worked around(fixed), added # to the mix. (whole program is one great big work around).Was using the wrong rectangle info for edit control highlighting, which cause last line painting errors.
  • Trying to make that 'lock to actual size" thing a little more friendly, especially for you PAL drivers.
  • Damn, this thing is starting to be work.
  • Direct Show filters being used by the filter graph manager have been enumerated. Which means for those who do not speak this odd ball language, that the filter's property pages can be viewed, if the filter has them.Each property page window is independent of the main program in their own threads. This means you can view the ac3Filter's jumping volume meters but still stop and start and navigate FilmCutter's video window, while the video renderer is counting frames and frame rates.Go on, try it.
  • I have been proud in the past to proclaim that FilmCutter was frame for frame accurate related to AviSynth, you know "what you see is what you get", I am sad to announce that videos with more that 500,000 frames will become frame inaccurate. You would think that after all these years and 32 bit numbers which are well over 4 billion we have to have 300,000 frames represented as 100,100,100,000 time units. Watch, I bet 64 bit numbers don't work any better.
  • You can grab the frame in the video window and save it to bitmap. Should be independent of the video renderer that is in use.Currently the bitmap is the same size as the source resolution 24 bit 16.7 million colors (I can remember when that was cool). Bit map file name is source file name with frame numbers added, file is saved in the source folder.
  • Long standing focus issue that prevented the filter/function dialog window from being moved has been tracked to what appears to be an error in the combo box notification message functions in the win32 api " CBN_EDITCHANGE Notification " other small changes related to this error released the window and killed an unneeded message driven loop.
  • If you change the font for the edit window (only font you can change), the font you select will be saved and open in the window the next time you visit FilmCutter.
  • Audio only script output properties F8 should work now and script preview when using the Direct Show viewer should work as well when your scripts are video challenged.
  • I have been playing with the use of multiple video frame viewer for the video editor the
Version beta
  • Release Date: Jul 19, 2006
  • Fixed a bug in an if() statement that caused any right click in the script editor view to pass program flow though The View::launchTool() every time.
  • Fixing the above identified another problem with tool buttons. FilmCutter could not detect an invalid path or file to a tool. FilmCutter would just report the error "Create External Process failed", fixed.
  • F5 now is a toggle between script editor view 1 and the script preview view 2. F5 will no longer return the program to the script editor from the video scene editor or the media viewer views.
  • Track bar interface is fixed, works as intended with direct show viewer. Video stops then position moves. Filter graph must be paused not stopped, paused before seek.
  • The "frame jump" "go" button in script preview is working now, odd I did not know it was broken probably because it never ever worked.
  • Did some work with how the focus moves around when using script preview with the text edit window showing. The poor spacebar has to advance the text or play the video, at least I would like it to. If the text window is showing the caret then add a space to text, if no caret shown play video. But I had to add a jump to button. I am not sure this is all working correctly as it relates to window focus.
  • You may now just "Save" your script, without the dialog box or "Save As".
  • Fixes to the frame advance and reverse keyboard shortcuts interface for both MCI and DirectX.
  • While we are on keyboard shortcuts page up(prior) page down (next) will advance reverse the video 300 frame or 10 times frame rate. Holding down the alt key will increase that to 100 times frame rate.
  • Added code to the View class to correct the aspect ratio with "media viewer's" direct show interface.
  • Some not understood message handling for edit controls has cause the disabling of an experimental script editor syntax highlighting, sorry. The part not understood was causing dark coloration under text and garbage didn't always clear from the screen and some lined border look around edit controls in general. Never noticed it before the Win XP look and feel thing was added.
  • Found the source of a long standing bug in the open / save script functions which warned the user to save his work when it had been saved. Saving a file clears the sdflag[0], as it should.
  • Frame number seeking less than zero and greater than last frame fixed in direct show viewer. The players may still try and play one past the end though.
  • Direct Show viewer technology is implemented for all three viewer modes. Currently only vmr7 implemented. MCI still available if it acts up.
  • Well, I have either created a new audio file format that plays in Media player or I really did write my own interface for saving wav files using fstream. It works and seems fairly fast. Added to main menu, look for Save Audio as Wave.
  • With my new wave stream savvy I have added to the script output properties (F8).
  • Related to the Direct Show interface, rework the error trapping and reporting.
  • Found an error in the save presets to ini related to aspect ratio, splice type and jump preset and viewer technologies. The problem was related to first run issues before the "ini"s are written. Sorry but I never run the program for the first time.
  • Those familiar with the video editor / scene editor may find some changes to the behavior of different buttons related to the new viewer.
Version beta
  • Release Date: Jun 22, 2006
  • XP users should be a little happier, The text backgrounds and window frame backgrounds should be the same now and little easier to look at. Also if you like the look and feel thing with the rounded corners and stuff, enjoy.
  • The rat is a witch; you can move the window around the desktop. Just hold the mouse button down over the main window (what some might consider the border) and drag the window around.
  • I have added a second list window in the encoder dialog. This list allows the user to pick an encoding application to pair with a particular encoder. Configured properly a video encoding configuration can encode the audio and then the video. See the user's guide.
  • I have corrected an omission in the dialog request detection, message loop code that caused any right click in view one to pass through the "tool button" dialog functions.
  • FilmCutter now has command line argument passing. ****** This required a system wide rewrite of a lot of code. Look out for odd errors related to file handling.
  • Found a bug in the "Save Project" routines. Did not really cause a problem (scene list rows had too many line terminators).
  • Video scene, editor list window now shows the row you are editing by turning row being edited blue and showing the other three lines as gray.
  • Some reorganization of the encode button and encoder label in the video editor.
  • I have added a help button to the encoder setup, dialog window, which launches a browser window with some encoder help. Help in main menu can open a browser window with the current user's guide or you can open a link to FilmCutter's web page. The user’s guide reorganized to allow calling help docs from within FilmCutter, please see the install doc in the downloaded zip file.
  • Selecting a filter or function name in the script editor and pressing F1 will open AviSynth's documentation to either the plug-in doc or the external or internal pages. If the plug-in function name matches the plug in doc name, the plug in documentation will open. Future versions should do this a little better.
  • Function name parsing in FilmCutter changed to better accommodate the function / plug in lists FilmCutter will have to make for the "filter to documentation" lookup to work.
  • You are going to have to provide FilmCutter with your AviSynth paths if they are not where AviSynth's installer likes to put things or if you are using a lang. other than English. For now, just the documentation is used.
  • I have added an alpha trap to FilmCutter startup routines. If FilmCutter finds the file "alpha.txt" in FilmCutter's folder, FilmCutter will start in the script editor view and load "alpha.txt" into the script editor. This way I can add instructions for the alpha and you can turn off the alpha mode startup by removing or renaming the file.
  • Slight corrects to the ScriptPreviewMenu Restore function.
  • Added a Locked actual size feature for filter tuning. It is early, let me have your ideas.
  • A DirectShow viewer/player has been added to FilmCutter. Implementation is limited to the media viewer for know look at main menu item "FilmCutter Preferences" Althought no media type is blocked from being used, only AviSynth scripts have been focused on for correct handling.

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